Another day, another PDF opened in GIMP for some reason

Attempt to set up test case for POSH (RFC7711) interrupted by outage 😭

I remember a time when you didn't need permission to do things on the Internet. Now you need to fight firewalls and NAT and Let's Encrypt and the cloud for permission.

Seems is down? Can't get permission from The Authority to set up a thing that needs a cert.

`grep ^MimeType= /usr/share/applications/NOTGIMP.desktop | cut -d= -f2 | tr \; \\n | xargs -p -n 1 -I{} gio mime {} NOTGIMP.desktop`

Finally managed to test my WIP alertmanager webhook receiver for and it sorta worked. Maybe I'll even publish it ... one day.

luaunbound 1.0.0 released, a binding to the libunbound library, supports and async operation. Mostly minor changes since 0.5, following SemVer going forward is the main thing.

And this was `wget --continue` even. Works with curl tho 🤷

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Trying to validate download resumption support in the new XEP-0363 implementation, instead I find a wget bug.

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The #XMPP server shuts down tomorrow.

Although we're now in the final hours, I've been working all week towards something to help. I've put up an initial version of a web-based XMPP account migrator at

It's rushed and still a bit rough round the edges right now, but I really hope it is useful to people who still have data and contacts to migrate before goes offline.

If you use it, let me know how it goes! 🙂

I run Firefox ESR on Debian stable. How do I sync passwords with another laptop, also running Firefox ESR on Debian stable?
There's no way to export, it was added in the version after this ESR. And even then, there does not appear to be any way to import exported logins?
Not going to get some Mozilla cloud account to move some text ~1 meter across my desk.

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Gajim Development News: This month brought some fixes for themes and spell checking. Development on the new Gajim version made a big step forward: file previews are working again, and they look even better now.

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The recent news of's shutdown is unfortunate for many. This kind of event is why we are working on account migration tools for ( ). We believe it should be easy for people to move between providers.

It is also why we are working to make self-hosting easier so more people can own their communications:

Finally, if you are looking for a new XMPP service you are welcome to request a hosted instance:

We're almost done with moving our nightly builds into and then we can get rid of the inexplicably slow yet immortal AWS instance currently doing those.

Gotta build the build environment with the build dependencies so you can build the build dependencies for your build dependencies and then finally you can build ... what was all this for? Eh, sleepy time 😴

How many yaks must a developer slay before they can call themselves a developer?
The epic battle of me vs pbuilder continues.

Prosody crashes on Fedora 34 because ...

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