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XMPP is as encrypted-by-default as Matrix. Specifically, encrypted-by-default is a property of the app rather than the protocol.

It's fine to not use/recommend apps that don't encrypt by default, but not using XMPP because they exist is like not using the modern web because some legacy browsers still use HTTP.

FWIW, easy-to-use + encrypted-by-default apps + lightweight self-hostable server describes well what we're building at @snikket_im

@dsfgs @chbmeyer @hackernews @fabyk @olamundo

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Anyone looking for a , , and instant messenger should check out . Its a protocol for IM and much more.

Join a server like email from this list:
Set up a server easily with !
Send invite links to your friends and family to prompt them to download the app and create an account. You can put them into so called "circles".

Join a public channel!

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Happy Monday! We just published a new blog post announcing upcoming /NLnet-funded work to advance authentication/authorization in Prosody and :

In short: look forward to practical 2FA, per-client access permissions, the ability to grant/revoke access for specific clients on your XMPP account, and more!

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📣 New Prosody release!

If you're one of those people who always skips new major versions of software and waits for the inevitable bugfix release that follows, now is your moment - Prosody 0.12.1 is out! 🙂

trunk developments of May:

Some experimental network performance tweaks from an attempt to squeeze microseconds out of s2s connection attempts. Also some other minor tweaks, e.g. to mod_smacks.

Potentially more interesting feature added in March but not mentioned yet:

`prosodyctl shell watch logs` lets you follow debug logs live without the privacy issues of storing those debug logs full of metadata and sensitive details to disk.

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Gajim 1.4.0 has been released 🚀

After more than a year of development, it’s finally time to announce the release of Gajim 1.4.0! 🎉

Gajim 1.4 series comes with a completely redesigned message window and conversation management. Workspaces allow you to organize your chats to keep matters separate where needed. These changes were only possible by touching a lot of Gajim’s code base, and we appreciate all the feedback we got from you.

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So, apparently @peertube now has live chat built into it through a an official plugin (you can see a screenshot below).

The plugin has a github at

It was announced on the PeerTube blog back in November at

The chat doesn't require an account, you just pick a nickname and start chatting.

#PeerTube #LiveStreaming

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No monthly trunk development summary last month as all energy went into wrapping up the 0.12.0 release.

Quite a few changes went into trunk just before the release was tagged, such as the 'prosodyctl check turn' command and updates to the default configuration template.

With the big release out of the way, we can get back to adding new features to trunk. First among was support for happy eyeballs, which can speed up connection times in face of issues with one of IPv6 or IPv4.

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Hiya everyone! We're happy to announce that our next State of the Bird will be April 28th at 8:00 PM UTC!! You can find more information about it in our blog post!

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"The project also provides the evaluation machine-readable. Client developers can integrate them in their applications. We approach this topic from a user-centric perspective and question what enables a good first start with #XMPP when possibly coming from other environments.
We created a separate website to present the results in a nice view. That way, it is convenient to read them. Feel free to take a look:"

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Aaaaaand.... 0.12.0 is released!

This is an exciting major release which contains loads of new features, fixes and enhancements to improve your experience as an admin.

Read about the highlights of the new release on our blog:

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A new has been published recently:

XEP-0461: Message Replies

This standardizes a way to indicate that a message is a reply to a previous message.

Authors: Natalie Wirth, Marvin Wissfeld



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<message><body>Hello Fediverse!</body></message>

Your favourite server now has an official Fediverse account! (operated by developers @mattj and @zash).

Followers can expect news, release announcements and other interesting stuff relating to Prosody and XMPP.

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Discord have had some major issues since March 1st. People have complained. My mind went straight to Mumble, how much better it would be if people just used self-hosted solutions again instead of mainly Discord.

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