It seems like all the ideas around funding good journalism revolve around subscription services--see Medium or Firefox Better Web. But personally, I wouldn't pay for them.

What I would pay for is individual articles--after I've read them. If I could load up an account with $20, and click a button at the end of each article if I think it's worth my dollar, I'd totally do that.

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I dislike the fragmentation of subscription services. I don't want to end up paying $100/month to cover all the services for all the articles I read, or commit to a specific price that I might not be able to keep paying.

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@flyingpimonster I agree, but I don't think there are any good solutions at the moment. This digital side of this market is so new, but also people are not ready to pay for "internet" content that they're so used to consume for free. Scroll does something interesting, but just to remove ads, not to access "exclusive" content.

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