As you may know I'm writing on Set Of Principles, my blog. I'm wondering what do you think about the content? What else would you like to read about? Thank you for the feedback.

(Design is not finalized, I have quite a lot to fix.)

I've just posted a new article on my blog.

"People see Google as a service that is an essential part of the internet. It's critical to start talking about alternatives and educating people that there are other options..."

Read the full article here:

Here’s a final tally of the C.E.O.s’ catchphrases. I love the phrase "we're not that big", so funny!

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I've been feeling sad and unfulfilled. Being in this state for a week or so and it started to show in some bad habits.

It's the middle of the summer, I'm hanging out with my close friends, go on small trips and do mostly fun stuff, but I still don't feel ok.

I miss university and actual work, busy days to keep my mind occupied. I have a summer job, but it has nothing to do with computers.

What do you do when you are in a bad head space or when you don't feel ok?

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What does privacy mean to you? 

@zanko to me privacy means having full control over the information that I share, and with whom I share it with.

What does privacy mean to you? 

I'm creating a Privacy page for and would love to include some of your views, fosstodon people!

What are some @nextcloud apps you use the most? For me it's calendar, notes and tasks.

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Our take on TikTok: Beware. The social media giant not only collects troves of personal data on you (sometimes without your consent), but also cooperates with the Chinese Communist Party, extending China’s surveillance and censorship reach beyond its borders. Read more here:

Hey @mike , how long does it take for a link to get verified on my profile or am I doing something wrong?

Learn more about my hard drive "experiment" on my blog!

I've purchased a new blog's domain to distance from my personal domain (and identity). I also want to write freely and I've realized that this blog can be a lot more than just a personal journal (not that there's anything wrong with having a personal blog).

You can also get blog updates from @read or RSS.

Read about my experience here:

Just after a few days on Mastodon I already feel better than on any other social media in my life. The FOSS community is great, everyone is so nice.

@freddy @xn17 @syntax @msavoritias

The first post is live. Let me know what do you think and thank you for your support!

Just setup my @write_as account! Might start writing about FOSS, technology, minimalism and privacy. :terminal:

Also setting up my website, having your own place on the internet is a great and essential part of a healthy internet.

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Something I’ve definitely taken for granted is how productive elementary OS has become out of the box. I can be coding or illustrating or recording a podcast or just about anything from a fresh install very very quickly with minimal effort

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