This is interesting... I found my country on the list (a small EU country) and I was surprised at the number of requests. I never thought the Police in my state would request data from our devices. State surveillance is EVERYWHERE, no matter where you live.

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Don't use Google or Google-owned web services

Ditto for Facebook/Instagram

Ditto for Twitter

Ditto for Microsoft

Ditto for... well, a lot. Be a smart consumer

"...with extensions, Standard Notes becomes one of the best services I've used."

I just published a new article!

Read the article:

You take back your privacy not by using a private OS or a more private device, but by carefully selecting services that process your data.

Yes, iPhones are less private than my Graphene OS powered smartphone, but does it matter if I use Facebook, Twitter, Google...

Services we use are the major problem in our digital lives.

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I've written an article on the recents happenings with Mozilla, commissioned a thumbnail, but now have no-where to publish it other than my blog. Does anyone know of any sites that accept opinion based privacy/foss articles, or similar? Thanks in advance!

Do you feel like you're not doing anything while everyone is making so much cool stuff? I feel like that, and I'm not sure what to do.

Any recommendations on what to do? How do you deal with a feeling like this?

My thoughts:

New article about Graphene OS and my privacy journey.

"...back then I didn’t want to “sacrifice” everything Google was offering me, because I didn’t know what the currency of the payment was, my data."

Read my newest article:

Check out what apps work without Google Play Services. This is great for ROMs like Graphene OS.

Great project and video by @techlore :


The only thing reason why I haven't deleted my old Google account is because from time to time I find an old account using gmail. I'm so scared of not being able to delete my old accounts where I used gmail to register.

Any solutions? I don't like the idea of having my old Google account forever.

I know that many of you aren't big fans of Signal, but I wrote this simple guide for regular users.

Here's my article on Apple's monopolistic power.

"Dark Sky, one of the best weather apps, was purchased by Apple in 2020. Since it's acquisition Android app no longer works."

Read the full article:

I believe Signal can and should be used by everyone. I wish I could convince my friends to use it. I should write something about Signal, maybe a guide to start using Signal so I could send it to anyone who I want to chat with.

I think there's a social stigma when it comes to privacy on the internet. "Why do you need Signal? You aren't doing anything illegal, right?". I might also need to write about privacy and why it matters so I can have the link ready whenever the debate starts...

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