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Here's the deal: Buy a Fairphone 3+ or a Fairphone 4 and get free earbuds... (if you need them). 📱 🎶 So if you already have great earbuds, make them last. If you need a new pair, they're on us until 31st May.

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Users who want to keep using their devices for a longer time, or to reuse their
hardware in a creative way, face a wide range of barriers: from obsolescence to an
unexpected end-of-support, from spare part serialization to locked boot loaders. In practice,
these artificial restrictions on using and reusing hardware are ultimately imposed by software.
We signatories of the Open Letter signed by more than 38 European organizations
and companies to support #RightToRepair #EcoDesign

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🗨️This year's #EUDiversityMonth is a chance to build bridges & create a society which not only tolerates, but celebrates diversity, says FRA's in his latest vlog.

📺Watch now to learn more
➡️ Check the #Diversity events this month:

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Dear #Fediverse

We need #Volunteers to organize an #Event and #Training for #EU representatives operating the official @EU_Commission accounts.

A month ago the @EDPS started a pilot for #EUVoice and #EUVideo and launched #Mastodon and #Peertube servers.

Many of you interacted, but also observed that communication can be improved. Less :birdsite: birdsite crossposting, more #accessibilty + image #captions. Knowing the culture, #fediquette and learn to love 💖 our fedi.

What open source tools do you use to collaborate with people when brainstorming ideas, drafting up plans, etc?

I currently use CryptPad for documentation and kanban boards.

Any cool tools or methods someone would like to share? :blobfoxthink:

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We must protect the 🐝 bee-fore it’s too late!

Many species of pollinators in Europe are on the verge of extinction.

The #EUPollinators Initiative is our plan to prevent this - and you can help us shape it! ⬇️


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@chaosexanima @dumpsterqueer

Another option, currently in beta UX testing is @bonfire implemented in #Elixir. Working on the core social features now the #Bonfire project has an exciting roadmap that ventures well beyond the microblogging realms.

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I wonder if someone is monitoring @EU_Commission channel. I suggested that #Pixelfed is basically the missing part in the #Fediverse #EUVoice and #EUVideo pilot the #EU set up.

@pixelfed would be an ideal platform to collect all kinds of EU images, logo's and artwork related to all their activities and events and give people the ability to interact, give feedback, etc..

In other words, an #EUImage is still missing 🤔

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@harald @cryptpad @nextcloud @LimeSurvey Thanks! The survey has been recreated on CryptPad and the other options will be reviewed! 👍

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We shipped quite a few improvements to!

✨ Popular + Trending + Recent topics

⚡ Call to action for easier submissions

✨ Secure mode supported (signed requests)

⚡ Improved profile resolution w/ webfinger support

✨ New projects added, and pleroma added to feature table on landing page

What else would you like to see? #fediverseInfo

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Me: *opens a CSV file*
Computer: A CSV? This looks like a job for Krita!
Me: ???
Krita: WTF is this?

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Oh wow, is really useful. Directory, projects, explainer, all there in one place!

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There is no #democracy without #pressfreedom. Freedom of expression and information are enshrined in the EU’s Charter of fundamental rights. At #EDPS we place a high value on these #fundamental rights, as they ensure that citizens are protected against #disinformation.

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Best compliment in 2027? "Your phone is sooo 2022!"
The Life Cycle Assessment for the #Fairphone 4 is out! It captures the impact our device has on the world. Hate to say we told you so, but it's official: The most sustainable phone is the one that lasts!

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Much of the independent web relies on Patreon to organize financial support.

The good folks at @comradery are building an ethical alternative as a co-op.

One of their rules is "no bosses, no cops". It's not meant for businesses (even nonprofits like the one I work for) but for independent creators, workers, activists, and co-ops.

If that could be a good fit for anything you our your friends are doing, maybe give them a follow here to stay updated as they're building the platform!

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