@z3ntu its impressive that we are this far now with Linux support on the phone.

You guys have linux 6.0 on the phone before I have it on my laptop.

Good times!

@z3ntu I keep hoping to see a similar post somewhere for the LG G7 ThinQ
It's got the sd845 but must not be a popular device. I personally loved the LG G3 I had on Verizon years ago.

@z3ntu fascinating, mainline linux on fairphones is a perfect match :)

@z3ntu Quite impressive that 3D accel is supposed to work, graphics drivers always seems to be problematic.

(And of course the modem if one plans to use it as a phone)

@z3ntu whats the best way to support this development other than contributing of course?

@petrisch I guess by now slowly testing whatever is functional, because I've mostly been using it from a dev perspective and user perspective is always quite different 😉

@z3ntu hm i would love to do that, but this is my main phone that i rely on right now. Is it safe to dualboot?

@petrisch It's definitely possible to some extent but will require a computer to switch fastboot slots at least (or root on Android I guess), and I of course cannot guarantee Android will still boot afterwards 😅

@z3ntu holy moly. This is incredible. Now if only fairphone sold phones in Asia.

@z3ntu great work! Can’t wait for daily usable Linux phones

@z3ntu Neat! What's the device tree situation looking like? Is it just the Android one modified for mainline bindings, or a from scratch thing?

@z3ntu nevermind, just saw the mainline bindings on the kernel tree. Nice!

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