@sotolf Very cool!

I always forget to write unit tests. I've been working on codegen for a project, it's a 700+ lines-of-code and only three tests for some basic functionality 😅

Handy guide on binary shifts

1. Always think in binary, not decimal

2. Left shift adds n zeros at the end of a number:
> 0b101 << 3
= 0b101000

3. Right shift removes n digits from the end:
> 0b1011 >> 1
= 0b101

@aral This is terrible, you should totally switch to PeerTube or some other FOSS platform

@garritfra @urusan Let's Encrypt automatically revokes certificates after a certain time period, you need to renew it with something like `certbot renew`

@sotolf That's really nice! I might try doing some emulator stuff as well, it seems really fun :D

@sotolf @LinuxLounge This doesn't matter, the goal is to run away from windows as soon as possible :)

@musicmatze Yeah, sadly most alternative clients don't handle encryption quite well. If you want a lightweight desktop client, I'd recommend mirage: github.com/mirukana/mirage

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@musicmatze Did they not know that tolower and toupper functions exist in <ctype.h>???

TIL: Tuple(..) pattern in Rust to ignore all fields

I *really* enjoy writing a QBE frontend. Despite this is a toy project, I still think it's a great place to try. It reveals a lot about how compilers work in the scariest part (codegen).

Here's the source in case you want to look at my (pretty bad to be honest) Rust code: github.com/antimony-lang/antim

The software world would be a great place if we all used QBE instead of LLVM

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