Earlier I tried kakoune and didn't really like it. Now I've found vis and it is a great editor, while not much changing from vim.

* The configuration is not in some clunky vimscript that breaks once you miss a space
* Multiple cursors!
* Using structural regular expressions that are much more powerful than the default linewise regexes


Okay, maybe I don't hate RPi as much right now.

Apparently I forgot to set proper partition type and that's why it didn't boot. 🙂

Is it just me, or github begins to transform into an RPG or something?

: amfora can subscribe to RSS/Atom feeds if you open such, and then you can open about:manage-subscriptions for an aggregated feed

Turns out it lost the keys so I reinstalled and now it works just fine

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I've tried to build an Alpine package and failed miserably

Neovide = cool

Really like smooth typing and ligature support. One thing missing is probably Unicode but I'm not planning to use neovide as a main frontend anyway

Finally transitioning the blog to gemini! I wrote a little script to convert gemtext to HTML so everyone can read it.

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