Twitter folks, notice the RT @someone@some.domain bits at the top of my forwarded boosts from the fediverse? See how the domains are all different? That’s because there are 1000s of Twitters out there (but only one is owned and controlled by Jack).

@aral Twitter is actually an anti-social network because it refuses to speak with #fediverse instances.


@matt @aral Why didn't anyone think about this before? :P

@yyp @matt @aral

I assumed this lack of Twitter federation was a feature.

@RussSharek @yyp @matt It is for Twitter as their only advantage over the fediverse is holding your social graph hostage. They could federate tomorrow if they wanted to… of course, no monopoly willingly makes itself a commodity by interoperating with an open standard unless it absolutely has to.

@aral @yyp @matt

True, though I meant it was a feature of the fediverse that *we* don't federate with that site.

@RussSharek @aral @yyp I do wish that when you type that it would link to that Twitter profile. #MastoDev

@matt I think it's because doesn't reply with the correct language that the Fediverse speaks.

Just like I cannot point to a non-existing account like

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