WAIT WHAT? Reactions on releases? Github is becoming the true Facebook of coding.


I'm happy to stay on Sourcehut not doing those distractions :blobcatcomfy:

@yyp I'd rather be on some other service than supporting one where the main developer goes around calling other people worthless for not agreeing with them...

@sotolf I've never seen that happen though. People behind other services are hidden under corporate umbrella and you don't get to know what happens there at all, they may be even worse.

And I'm not telling you to support Sourcehut, I'm just saying what I do.


Let me open your eyes.

And no, a tu coque doesn't really appeal to me there to be honest.

@sotolf @yyp
I had to look into myself to realize that Drew DeVault is the main dev and is the one being asinine in that fossodon thread.

As much as I wanted to use, it lacks a lot of features I'd prefer to have- so I'll continue to use GitLab(not GitHub) until I can at least import repos.

There are several gitea instances that's not behind corporates.

@yyp Mark my words, the day isn't far, the day we're gonna get "Github Stories". "Github Shorts" to follow soon.


1. Github reactions
2. Github stories
3. Github shorts/clips
4. Sell to Facebook
5. Profit

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