Go(lang) being made by Google doesn't mean it's bad

@yyp No that it's made by google doesn't make it bad, it's bad for other reasons :)

(normal disclaimer that this is personal opinion and I don't claim to speak objectively since it seems people for some stupid reason always assume that I say things believing they are objective, and start screaming at me.)

@sotolf Yep, I understand that people have personal reasons to not like Go (and so do I, I'm not like "Go for everything!", there are issues in terms of error handling and upstream CLA but I still consider it good enough).

I've seen some people say Go is made by Google therefore bad, and this is not true because the Google we know had little influence on the language (only issue is which can be disabled with GOPROXY=direct).


Error handling
Package handling
Pushing things the language should do onto developers

I could go on forever, there are so many things that I don't enjoy with the language, I don't say don't use it or anything like that, it's just reasons why I myself really disliked the time I spent trying to love the language.

@sotolf Error handling and Boilerplate go along because most of boilerplate-y code is because of "if err != nil {}", if go had error propagation feature like every other good language does, those are both fixed.

Package handling to me is a feature because it doesn't rely on a central registry and code will continue to work if or breaks.

What exactly Go pushes onto developers?


No generics so it pushes onto the developers to either copy paste, or generate code for supporting multiple things, or casting to an empty interface which totally breaks type-safety.

The weak typesystem makes things like paths hard to work with. Text encodings also is a chore here since it just assumes a path is in utf8

The time type in Go is also bewildering.

@sotolf @yyp they released a beta version for generic a few months ago iirc

@huy_ngo @yyp Hah, yeah, that's one thing, even they realised they made a major error not including it...

@yyp completely agree with this and yet somehow I feel like it taints the language a little 🙃

@riddian Agree, language gets some critique from the community because it's made by "enemy of the internet", but it doesn't send all of your code to Google at least* 🙃

* except packages you're using unless GOPROXY=direct but this is not that big of an issue

@yyp Yep, would be nice if Go and Google were separate to prevent that though I suppose some people see the Google endorsement as a plus 🤷‍♂️

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