@yyp LibreWolf is an AUR package right? What idiot thought that was a good idea?

@person There's librewolf-bin but I decided to try regular version to see how it's like to build another web browser (after I failed to build chromium)

@yyp I would agree with that sentament. It seems like I find myself agreeing with Drew Devault more and more each day. The Web is dead.

@yyp Compiling web browsers is an exercise in frustration, which is understandable if you consider that showing a web page is much harder than going to the moon :^)

@yyp This is BAD and we all should be mad at the state of things 😠

@arivigo We just need a better browser that doesn't take hours to build and is written in something other than C++

@yyp And unfortunately isn't surf, because it depends on you being able to compile webkit on your own... which is also BAD.

@arivigo Yeah, but at least WebKit shouldn't be that bad to build

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