Warning: by signing up on GitHub you can get some ads in your inbox

That shows how Github is willing to share your email with advertisers (actually that's the second time I got such thing)

I actually went ahead and filed a support ticket

@yyp its time to escape from github. I'm thinking about selfhosted .

@miklo I've already escaped from GitHub: but I still need to have an account there to interact with projects (issues, contributions etc)

@miklo @yyp @yyp
i think that's the second time I've seen a link to, and it seems to be real popular on fediverse in particular

what's its deal?
@miklo @yyp @Johann150 @Johann150
i could but this still kinda doesn't answer my question of why this, specifically, seems to be popular here, specifically

@yyp "From the beta onwards, unpaid accounts will be limited to read-only access to their own projects."

Umm... no?

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