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Welcome to the future, we have:

Minecraft 2.0 (Kotlin edition)
Python 4
Linux 95.0.1

(happy 2022, by the way!)

> Programming languages should be designed not by piling feature on top of feature, but by removing the weaknesses and restrictions that make additional features appear necessary.

Still nothing like the opening line to the R5RS Scheme specification.

The kernel when you mess up paging:

> Hello from kernel space! I have Unhandled exception: Instruction page fault

(it should print the amount of memory segments it has, but something went wrong when printing it)

Trying to contain myself from starting a full rant on my current situation with osdev

Say "Fediverse", not "Mastodon". They are not interchangeable. If you're on Mastodon, you are inextricably on the Fediverse too.

The station is owned
and operated by Nine
Entertainment Co

This also might be interesting:

"So, what would happen if we replaced floating point numbers with rational numbers and tried to render an image?"

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I made a calculator that hates floating point numbers and uses fractions instead!

Meanwhile, now I have 4096 messages in the archive, which is 2^12 :D

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I'm probably going to disappear for a few weeks while exploring that mod

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My Minecraft addiction is higher than ever before, and so I decided to install a few mods.

I was looking at some logistics mods like old Industrial Craft and found Modern Industrialization[0] for 1.18. After even reading the docs and playing around in creative, this mod completely changes the game. It doesn't look like vanilla minecraft anymore... and I like it.


Me: *sends second revision of a patch fixing a critical mistake*
Email provider: I'm tired and won't deliver your mail today

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