To people here cancelling sourcehut: do you know any alternatives that are not Github clones? :P

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1. Github reactions
2. Github stories
3. Github shorts/clips
4. Sell to Facebook
5. Profit

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@yyp Yep, would be nice if Go and Google were separate to prevent that though I suppose some people see the Google endorsement as a plus 🤷‍♂️

I'm happy to stay on Sourcehut not doing those distractions :blobcatcomfy:

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Go(lang) being made by Google doesn't mean it's bad

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virgin "heres a docker file"
chad <list setup steps in README>

Just switched my login shell to busybox ash, let's see how it goes

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Sweeet, a Terminal based presentation tool, supporting markdown-formatted slides:


Random idea: what if we take C parser from cproc, extend it to store comments and then emit Man pages/Markdown/anything else from some more-or-less standard style of documentation. 🤔

🎉 A pre-release of ctest, my smol C unit testing library. Feel free to try it and give feedback!

One thing that I seem to do more often is doing a detailed write-up in the commit message for a pretty simple change. This way sometimes the description outweighs the action.

I'm not against having a good and descriptive history and all that, but this still feels a bit strange.

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I created a little public chat room. It's English only, family friendly and all that. Topic is anything non-controversial, but probably mostly about geeky stuff for obvious reasons.


And why should strings be NUL-terminated in the first place? Wouldn't it be much better to have something like this instead:

struct string {
char *data;
size_t len;

* Getting the length is O(1)
* Easily converted to/from classic "strings"

* Can't be built-in in C (but it mostly is in other languages!)

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C strings (oh sorry, pointers to char) are a pain...

I need to remove all whitespace from beginning and end of a line, and I couldn't get it working. Simple solution would be just put a NUL byte for all spaces, and then just advance the pointer in-place.

I don't like this way of trashing the memory, and also you would still need to have the old pointer in case you need to free() it.

It just becomes a huge mess, maybe that's now C is supposed to be used. But, are you fine 0'ing useful memory?

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