What's the best AUR helper?

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My AUR helper presents: disgusting bugs

pkg: telephant-git (ttf-iosevka) is not installed, skipping build
pkg: telephant-git (vimv-git) is not installed, skipping build

Awesome! I've been without internet for an entire morning and I can't work on some projects since I don't have the source code checked out. My ultra hack was to use my phone (I'm posting from there) with mobile data, attach the keyboard then clone stuff from there and go back. Big thanks to my ISP for this

Nope, river requires Zig which requires LLVM 11 (Alpine has only 10) and building LLVM from scratch is too painful

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This Week in Matrix is out now! matrix.org/blog/2021/03/05/thi lots of server updates, plenty of clients, bridges and other projects! Cactus Comments is a Matrix-backed, federated web-embeddable comment system! Matrix Queue Processor processes! #decentralisation #twim #matrix

Cool, I can send posts and now it's time to install river

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Yay! qutebrowser now works without crashing on Alpine

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@XxAlexXx There are a few reasons.

1. Because I can.
2. For bragging rights.
3. When Maciej Cegłowski gave his talk about the website obesity crisis in 2015, the average web page weighed over 2MB. It's only gotten worse since then, and I don't want to be part of the problem.
4. Heavy web pages eat up mobile devices' battery and data plans.
5. Heavy web pages take longer to load, and are more likely to annoy visitors into leaving.


Thanks to YouTube for breaking Invidious and youtube-dl. They added an obscure API that can change at any time and developers of both tools don't know what to do. I think Google will add Digital Restrictions Management there soon..

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Instead of YouTube use LBRY, Odysee or PeerTube
Instead of Twitter use Mastodon
Instead of FaceBook stop putting your personal life on the internet

C11 => C from 2011
C99 => C from 1999

Thus, 11 > 99


I'm going to try static hosting and make a new base for the blog + gemini support.

There was a long time since I have written HTML and CSS 🙃

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@yyp and I were thinking about changing the strategy to handle builtin functions for .

The current approach involves having a tiny set of functions (like print, exit, etc.) implemented in the target language and slapping them in front of the generated code.

We were thinking to replace this with an "inline" keyword that can be used to embed raw code snippets in the target language into antimony.

Is this really a good approach, or are there even better alternatives?

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