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safer sex practice, gender equality, pro gay/lesbian/... 

We'll try to be non-discriminating, but then there is capitalism, requesting us to buy in huge quantity or not at all. Our resources are limited and it is unsure how high the interest in such merch product would be.

Would you be interested to get/buy safer sex barriers merch from Tails and should we continue to explore this idea?

Of course, they'll be also vagan.
(boost will also signal interest)

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The first kitten I helped foster just got adopted. Yes, I have been crying for about 5h now

Goodbye, fosstodon! Find me at yuvipanda@mastodon.technology.

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What’s Next for #Parler? Ask the Porn Industry.

»Over the past few years, it’s started to feel like the alt-right internet is replaying the adult industry’s greatest hits.«


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Food on the table while giving away code daniel.haxx.se/blog/2021/01/15
I’m living the open source dream, working full time on the project I created myself: curl. But it's not entirely easy.

youtube.com/watch?v=rQ7D1lXt3G Julia giving up on atom based Juno to just using vscode. This is good for Julia itself, but very bad for the general ecosystem of editors 😢

Today: Waiting for Julia to pre-compile packages.

Will I see toots from mastadon.technology here?

Everyone getting in on the Tamil pongal action. Wonder who was responsible for this one. I LOVE IT

Miss the nights where I would be bored and stay up writing random software

People do heroic shit though, like @legoktm for mediawiki in debian. I was convinced it will never happen.

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But the individual package managers crap out with binary dependencies sometime. R Studio's rspm has best solution for this so far - they build binary packages for all packages, and list the debian packages needed!

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I am sad I can't use debian packages realistically for python, node, go, or ruby app distribution. But maybe that is ok? Unlikely to change though. lwn.net/SubscriberLink/842319/

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if you're white and you use the internet, you have a duty to ensure that the spaces you are in are not a safe space for white supremacists. no, "oh but I like this person and they've never done anything in MY group" -- listen to us. listen to what we have to say. report people to the mods or if it's an ongoing problem, *leave the fucking group and let people know why you're leaving*.

make mods explain their decisions. make it uncomfortable. make it weird.

it's the LEAST you can do.

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I've finally internalized the fact that it doesn't matter what DE/WM/editor/tool you use. Every piece of comes with its trade-offs and peoples tastes & needs will naturally differ.

Often I find myself swayed by popular new software and feel the urge to make major changes to my work-flow for eventual small 'productivity gains' that I end up reversing.

There's a certain sense of tranquillity in accepting & respecting each others preferences without fighting about which tool is better.

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