My Facebook to RSS open-source project is quite functional now! I have been working on it over this week and I have added some cool stuff.

- Access Facebook pages and public groups feed without using an account.
- Access Facebook profiles, pages, groups, and notifications when running the API with a Facebook account.
- Your login is automatically saved and refreshed on each API request to keep you signed in.


- Facebook posts can be fetched as HTML (default) or text.
- Append Facebook comments of any post RSS feed. (Disabled by default)
- Easily configure the API as you want either using a custom config.env file or by overriding a certain option using uvicorn.
- RSS feeds are cached by default (for 30 minutes) to not abuse Facebook and trigger any anti-automation mechanisms. This can be configured as you want and also can be ignored by using no_cache=1 parameter with any of the API routes.


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