I have started an open-source project to turn Facebook profiles/pages/groups feeds into RSS because FB is bad but sometimes it has some good stuff to follow.

@joeligj12 Thanks :) hopes I can bring it to a mature status soon

@yshalsager Nice, I was looking for something like that just few days ago that would provide the notifications in RSS. Does/will it do it?

@Thibaut It shouldn't be very hard to add so yeah, I have opened an issue for it in the repository here

@yshalsager you're a legend, this sort of stuff is all that's keeping me on FB

@immychan Thanks :D I will try my best to make it functional and stable asap.

@yshalsager that’s a cool project man, any chance you could do one for Twitter or point me to an existing FOSS project like this for Twitter? Following public Twitter accounts as RSS feeds would be perfect for me.

@yshalsager oh now Nitter is absolutely brilliant! That combined with @BirdsiteLIVE is a great setup for checking out the good stuff on Twitter without having to use Twitter!

@yshalsager I have some questions:
- Can this work without logging in? (For open groups, pages etc. at least)
- Is fetching data through proxy (e.g. Tor/SOCKS5, HTTP) possible? Asking this because this is contacting FB servers and I know GitHub banned some users based on their IP. Who knows what they'll do next.

@adnan360 Well, the whole point of the project is to use an account, since RSS Bridge already works without logging in. But I might add this as well depending on how things go.

Under the hood, the tool uses Playwright for browser automation and it seems that it supports HTTP/SOCKS proxy usage. I have opened an issue for this. It should be easy to implement.

@yshalsager This is awesome! We definitely need more tools like this to help people break unhealthy addictions on the #web.

@yshalsager I'm looking forward to that. It would be great to follow things without signing up to Facebook.

@MustafaKulle Well, the tool uses *your* account under the hood and runs on a server to fetch Facebook stuff, but I got a suggestion to add a mode to work without an account too and I will be working on it.

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