If you are using Anki flashcards app for learning, I have made a tool for extracting Telegram quizzes and Google forms to CSV and other formats so I can import CSV files into Anki decks in one step.

Check it out here

Phew, yesterday I moved to microg with AICP Android custom ROM using github.com/FriendlyNeighborhoo

Feeling goods after ditching Google play services.

Maybe the next step is to go for nogoolag variant lol.

I really hate Facebook!

I decided to stop working on Facebook2RSS, the tool I was developing because Facebook will end up banning the account that will be used with the tool.

It was a short journey since late January but I enjoyed it.

More information:

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Now you can use Docker to deploy Facebook2RSS easily! Also, 2FA support has been added and a bunch of improvements and bug fixes.


- Supports using HTTP or SOCKS5 proxies.
- Secure access to the API using your own api_key that can be configured via env file. (Disabled by default)

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to discuss with me or open an issue. Contributions are welcome too!

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- Facebook posts can be fetched as HTML (default) or text.
- Append Facebook comments of any post RSS feed. (Disabled by default)
- Easily configure the API as you want either using a custom config.env file or by overriding a certain option using uvicorn.
- RSS feeds are cached by default (for 30 minutes) to not abuse Facebook and trigger any anti-automation mechanisms. This can be configured as you want and also can be ignored by using no_cache=1 parameter with any of the API routes.


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My Facebook to RSS open-source project is quite functional now! I have been working on it over this week and I have added some cool stuff.

- Access Facebook pages and public groups feed without using an account.
- Access Facebook profiles, pages, groups, and notifications when running the API with a Facebook account.
- Your login is automatically saved and refreshed on each API request to keep you signed in.

I have started an open-source project to turn Facebook profiles/pages/groups feeds into RSS because FB is bad but sometimes it has some good stuff to follow.



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