I took hours to do it, but I finally remade dwmblocks.
dwmblocks is a small C program that helps with adding info to the dwm status bar.

My reasons for supporting FLOSS changed over the years:

I started out thinking that FLOSS is important because it's empowering for people with little money to have the same kind of productivity tools (that they can even modify to their needs) as big corps (think organizing etc).

Now I think we desperately need it for privacy more than anything else.

I think I discovered the problem: my disk partition is almost full. Oof.

I did a terrible job with my partitions when installing arch linux and I can't fix it for now, but I'll try adding some unallocated space left later today.

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boy, I don't even remember properly what I was gonna do tomorrow... this is complicated.

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Looks like I have a new thing to do.
I was already planning on moving to a new task format, but I guess I'll speed up the process.

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The contents of my taskwarrior "pending.data" file (where pending tasks are stored) simply vanished without any trace. At least it was on a git repo and I made a commit 10 days ago, so I got to restore it. It's very outdated, though...

I found out that I can use method calls to do math operations on numbers in Rust and I now love it. It feels way better than what I was doing before (see image for a demonstration)

Today I finally got to make a working build of a game "engine" I'm making.
I'm using Rust + GGEZ (a game library) for this, and I finally am starting to get some momentum.

I think I use the "use" keyword less in my Rust programs. Maybe using them only for bringing traits and modules (not functions & structs inside these modules) would a better idea.

Oh, and I'm still trying to get fonts to work on dwm's bar. That might help making the right side of the bar way smaller (my screen resolution is not among the greatest)

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I'm trying dwm currently, so far it's been great! I love its way of managing windows and how lightweight it is.

I'm also using dwmblocks to update the bar. It also works very well (except for the signal-based updates, they're for some reason very slow for me).

I'm also planning to change my theme from gruvbox to dracula soon.

To be honest, the only thing that it's doing properly is parsing input, but to be honest the entire eval process is terrible.

I kind of have to check a bit on a lisp specification before I go forward. I'm kinda lost.

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Some progress on my lisp interpreter!

The function call is still a mess, though. And no garbage collection.

I've heard recently of another way to organize personal scripts: by prefixing their names.

I could name my personal scripts with a leading comma (as in ",script") and leave other scripts I use internally without it. Typing a comma and pressing tab in the shell, for example, would list all my personal scripts.

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In this case, action = task. I forgot to change the name in the prompt :v

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I have made a new tool.


It parses a folder with scripts and their descriptions, and shows a dmenu prompt with these scripts. The user then can choose a script to run.

I don't really think I'll use this, though... I kinda regret spending time on this.

Well, I hopped out of lemonbar. Its way of working is pretty cool, but I noticed that the CPU usage was above the one of polybar and my cooler was working almost always when it was open (even if there were no applications open at the moment), so I had to give up :/

Hmm... I feel like trying out some other window managers later. dwm and qtile are on my radar.

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