I'm experimenting creating a static & dynamic dispatching library for Zig... It's been kind of tough but I think I'm getting there. The code is essentially a rewrite of interface.zig (another similar zig library) but I'm trying to change some stuff in the design. I'm not sure if I should call it a fork or what lol

Today I learned about the XY-Problem, it's always nice to have a name to put on those things you see all the time :)


I love how many people around me seems to treat logic:

the sun does not wear a hat.
fish do not wear hats.
the sun is a fish.

It checks out :)

So, I've decided to stop the "dmenu Zig remake" for a while and instead decided to study Xlib - still using Zig, though! - I'm trying to make a decent wrapper and things seem to be going well!

Also, I didn't know I could have fun with test cases :P - the one on the photo below was actually very pleasing to write

Have been learning Zig the past month, and it looks like a really cool language!

As an exercise I'm trying to remake dmenu on it and I guess it's going well so far. But it's taking quite some time because I barely understand the Xlib API and whatever are the crazy variable names on dmenu's source.

Downloaded a more stable version (it was picom by the way). I only used the other version I was using because I wanted sophisticated blur but now I'm not even using it.

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My compositor has been crashing way too often recently... I've got to take a look at this later.

Do you like my latest work of art. I've spent a really long time on it. I don't know like, 10 minutes or so #Linux

calculators - a weapon of math instruction


That's a weird thing. Why do while loops run on subshells?

Welp, at least I found an explanation to the bizarre bugs I used to have related to this.

Programming made the impossible possible. You can have a null object and a constant variable.

Done! It seems to be working well. The only thing that is missing is a way to open recently opened games but to be honest I think it won't be necessary.

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@yohanandiamond hah! that's the way to go, if you're too lazy to learn a pre-existing tool, just write your own one

Also, I'm doing (almost) all of this stuff in python. It's kinda annoying to not to be able to use multiple-statement lambda functions or to chain iterator methods, but it's not the worst thing.

If I find some other high-level interpreted language (or at least a compiled one where I find a way to JIT-compile it without much issue), I'll probably check it out. I wanna try Nim out - I don't think it has a "script" feature but I think I can do JIT compilation right before running... idk

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I'm also going to integrate a small game launcher, which would search a specific folder of mine and get all games in it (using a Game.toml file for each one).

I'm still planning how to do this, but I'm excited to do it!

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Have been improving my launcher script and it's starting to work well.

I actually had a previous version that showed all programs, but I figured that added some seconds of delay when my computer was in high disk/cpu usage, so I now am trying to show less things right away (mostly commands such as run something or select a binary - which then would open the old list -, or a recent command).

Also, for AoC day 18, I tried doing it but it ended up not working because I needed to make a calculator that supported infix operators, and I'm not good at parsers, yet I tried doing them manually.

I'm gonna try again tomorrow, using some kind of library (maybe pest.rs). Any suggestions (in Rust)?

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A little experimental thing I did!


It's basically a dwmblocks clone in Rust. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, and I've finally gathered enough knowledge to do it. Had to use multithreading, Xlib C bindings, dynamic dispatching...

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