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This is what I have so far of my new POV display.

An ESP32 running 4 shift registers with outputs to 31 LEDs.

Lots of soldering, but definitely satisfying to look at afterwards!

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The recent chain of events in US and censorship by leading social media reminds us again to not trust proprietary platforms.

Migration to Free and ethical social media such as is not the matter of choice but necessity.

We should stop giving more credibility to such centralized entities who try to define what should and should not be said or heard. It is crucial for our future to have control over our communication and this won't happen unless we use Free and Federated platforms.

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Survey time! On what platform(s) do you use LibreOffice?

Here is a project I made a few years ago.

It's a POV (Persistence Of Vision) display using 5 LEDs controlled by an Arduino Nano. It knows when a new revolution begins using a hall-effect sensor to detect a stationary magnet.

I am currently starting to work on an upgraded version that will have LEDs throughout the entire circle instead of just around the edge.

(sorry, this video of it saying "happy new year" is the only one I have)

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Short survey:
Is the app downgrade option in F-Droid working for you (if you tried to use it recently)? Please include on which Android version/custom ROM you are.

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Quick survey: Which component in LibreOffice do you use the most?

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I'm pretty new here on Mastodon, so I guess I should make my toot.

I enjoy programming and working on small personal projects with and the like. I'm always open to learning new things that can help me expand upon them.

is very important to me. I opt to use websites, services, tools, etc. over those that aren't whenever I can.

I will be starting my first year of college this fall, majoring in .


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