Leading secure email provider and long standing free software advocate
is sponsoring ÖzgürKon! They are providing 1 year free premium subscription for every ÖzgürKon participant!


The countdown is on! Less than 24 hours to go for my opening keynote at Özgürkon, organised by the Turkish Free Software Foundation.

Eek, so much to do today :)

Live stream: live.ozgurkon.org/

Only 1 day left for ÖzgürKon, our first international conference on freedom! If you happen to have an interest in software, hardware and overall digital culture freedom issues ÖzgürKon is yours to participate!
Here is the schedule:

It was a little rainy day, so we sat down all day and coded our new libre software food order app. It will be a little strange to sell cat food with human food.

Qualified appreciation of ProtonMail for finally making their stuff open source

However, I still strongly recommend against them, because basic access to open/standard protocols like IMAP and SMTP should never be locked down as a paid "extra"

Riseup VPN and #Riseup Labs are asking for donations as their servers are overloaded.

They recently launched a new #VPN service and many people are using it for #privacy and anonymity.

Riseup Labs can continue developing #SoftwareLibre services and programs that help people secure their communications if you consider donating to them.

If you can, please donate, or simply let others know.


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