So I've been hooking up Salt with a number of different OSs, including: -

* Linux (Debian, Alpine, OpenSUSE, CentOS and Arch)
* OpenBSD
* FreeBSD
* illumos (OmniOS)
* Windows (2019 Core, running OpenSSH!)

Salt deploys Consul and node_exporter (or wmi_exporter for Windows), and then Prometheus discovers them.

The beauty of this is any new machine, including derivatives/similar OSs (OpenIndiana, Ubuntu, Manjaro etc), would work with all of this too.

Blog post coming soon!

This is gonna be a fun one to read. Already in the first couple of paragraphs I'm laughing

Nice one @mwlucas

I'm down for this. Current WFH setup. Its still a work in progress as the room was only finished about 5 days ago (wall was knocked down, massive old wardrobe removed), but I'm happy to the say the least!

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Kamelot - Forever, from the album Karma.

I seem to have gotten back into Power/Epic Metal today. Good.

Quite enjoying this dashboard I put together. Once I start integrating BGP properly, I'll have some more useful stats on there too.

The joy of Prometheus, SNMP, and equipment that supports it.

And so it is done. All my required tasks for the home network migration are done.

A couple of extra bits (some db/radius failover) will be done in time, but I'm happy right now.

And of course monitoring it in Prometheus gives me lovely graphs too! 🤘

It took longer than I thought to get around to finishing this off (Christmas kicked in just as I was in the middle of it).

Everything is now in the right network.

Firewalling/proper segmentation tomorrow, and then I think I can concentrate on some of the enhancements I wanted to implement (always-on VPNs, nice FreeRADIUS frontend, etc).

Compared to some of the other gamepads I've used in the past, this feels wonderful.

Untitled Goose Game is getting upgraded controls.

I wondered why I wasn't able to go in this room for a couple of days.

Turned out my wife was remodelling it for my birthday (although I was allowed in two days early!)

I'm a lucky guy.

Still have all this to do to finish off the home network. Gonna be fun!

The last week has been interesting. All of this is out, replaced by 3 8 port switches, 2 APs and a NUC.

And so it is done. The Banana Pi, my file server/backup box/SyncThing "home" node for the past 3 years, is out.

I'm now all set for the full network migration on Friday, from a flat single subnet to multiple VLANs, some dynamic routing (BGP, to integrate with some other infrastructure elsewhere), and overall way more control.

The RPi3 on top was the primary DNS and DHCP server, Unifi controller, NTP, pretty much every basic network function.

3 down (plus the bonus C.H.I.P.), 1 to go.

An RPi 2 that hosted LibreNMS, Oxidized and NetBox is out. Everything migrated to a VM instead.

A bonus shot of a NextThingCo C.H.I.P. that did nothing more than provide another endpoint for Prometheus to monitor.

So 2 Pi's out, 1 C.H.I.P. out, 2 more to go.

And so it is done. 1 Pi out, 3 to go.

Some of them need a lot more work (SMB server, Unifi controller, IPAM etc), but by the end of the week they should hopefully all be out

This is more powerful than routers I used for a nationwide MPLS network a few years ago. And they were good.

I'm going to have fun with this.


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