I'm down for this. Current WFH setup. Its still a work in progress as the room was only finished about 5 days ago (wall was knocked down, massive old wardrobe removed), but I'm happy to the say the least!

In myse company, everybody ask why I use my monitor in portrait Format. Nice to see other do too

@Tecci Yeah I started doing it a few years ago, and now I find it difficult to work without it. Given I spend 80-90% of my time in the shell, having more of it lengthways works much better for me

@kev They're all the same ones, and they're not the flashiest of screens (bog standard AOC TN 1080p screens), but I'm very happy with this until I can spare the money for 4k/ultrawide!

@yetiops I've always stuck with 1080p screens. I've no need for 4k at the moment, so don't see the point in the extra expense.

@kev Aye, I love the pixel depth (I'm a recovering Mac addict, the Retina displays look beautiful) but I need new hardware/computers before I need new screens.

@kev @yetiops Likewise. I've got a 1280x1024, 1920x1080, 1280x1024 spread (photo after I clean up a bit) and, if I go 4K, it'll probably be a large-format display with the same pixel depth but equivalent to adding a second row of monitors.

Questionable Linux HiDPI without compositing aside, I spec my systems based on not having air conditioning and I'm used to this pixel depth.

(Not to mention, I grew up on laptops. When I moved from CRTs to desktop LCDs, my reaction was "I've come home!")

@kev @yetiops Oh, also, not going 4K makes things *much* less expensive. The last time I bought new was in 2007 and I still need to crack open that now-dead matched pair of 1280x1024 displays and recap them.

My current setup is a a $7 passive DP-to-DVI adapter, a 1280x1024 monitor a family member found, fully-functional, in an eWaste bin, a 1920x1080 monitor a family friend gave me when upgrading, and a 1280x1024 monitor a friend gave me because the power button was broken.

I've also got some spare 1280x1024 monitors from thrift stores that ran between $7 and $15 and a 1280x1024 monitor that I got earlier from the local non-chain used games shop for $30.

(I haven't needed to check pawn shops yet and, if I can find time to practice desoldering and recap the half dozen dead LCDs under the basement stairs, I may not need to for a *long* time.)

@david Thank you! Clutter really distracts me from working (things catch my eye while I'm scanning between the screens), so I have to have a clear space.

If things have a purpose, its fine, but I can't have random things on the desk without it bothering me.

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