It took longer than I thought to get around to finishing this off (Christmas kicked in just as I was in the middle of it).

Everything is now in the right network.

Firewalling/proper segmentation tomorrow, and then I think I can concentrate on some of the enhancements I wanted to implement (always-on VPNs, nice FreeRADIUS frontend, etc).

@yetiops My current network doest have vlan as an option. Currently using a google router.

@cavaliertusky Yeah, my previous setup was the ISP-provided router, some tiny unmanaged switches, with a number of very cheap access points dotted around the house to make up for dead spots. It was flakey and only just worked.

I'm now running a MikroTik RB4011 (the brains of the VLAN setup), multiple VLAN-capable switches and Unifi APs. The flexibility I have now is wonderful.

@yetiops Jealous! Can't wait till I own a house and can get into networking!

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