Pretty much every metric in my network is discovered by Prometheus through Consul now.

Relabelling is making more and more sense, which means half of the config I did to move to Consul now needs doing again anyway!

Never been this excited over a monitoring system before. Safe to say I'm hooked.

@yetiops What kind of stuff are you monitoring? I've never found anything that's low maintenance, stable and doesn't require too much custom work for my infrastructure, I'd love to know if I missed some options.

@nihl nothing too in depth, mostly things like CPU/memory, disk space, wifi clients, bandwidth usage etc

It's been useful to find problems with VPS getting high traffic or a device being unplugged unexpectedly

I've also found a lot of config issues that I'd previously only either not known about, or kinda ignored. Now it's staring at me on a dashboard, I feel compelled to fix it

I'm doing it as much to learn Prometheus as I am for the alerting/monitoring/insights I gain from it.

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