Dropbox migration mostly over, other than finding a way to share files publicly.

I don't want my "home" Nextcloud instance to be available outside of a VPN, and I backup to Backblaze if I need access to files myself somewhere else. This doesn't solve the issue of sharing with others though

Probably gonna make a public instance and federate, but we'll see.

@yetiops why can't you share from your NextCloud? Lock down registrations, manually create share links (or set up a public folder), that way things you decide to share are shared but people can't see anything else that's on the server.

@kungtotte I'd rather it had no access at all from outside of my home network, the less attack vectors the better.

Really, the only time I need any public access is for sharing the odd file from time to time.

It doesn't make sense for me to have to manage and protect against brute forcing for functionality I rarely use.

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