It's taken a little while, but I've finished the first post in my new series on using SaltStack to deploy Consul and Prometheus's Node Exporter on Linux

Next one is going to be on Windows, with OpenBSD, FreeBSD, MacOS and illumos soon!

So I've been hooking up Salt with a number of different OSs, including: -

* Linux (Debian, Alpine, OpenSUSE, CentOS and Arch)
* OpenBSD
* FreeBSD
* illumos (OmniOS)
* Windows (2019 Core, running OpenSSH!)

Salt deploys Consul and node_exporter (or wmi_exporter for Windows), and then Prometheus discovers them.

The beauty of this is any new machine, including derivatives/similar OSs (OpenIndiana, Ubuntu, Manjaro etc), would work with all of this too.

Blog post coming soon!

It's taken more than 3 weeks to write this one, but I've finally finished it!

Using Ansible with MikroTik RouterOS, configuring BGP, OSPF, firewall rules, SNMP and more. It will even remove old/invalid configuration too!

After spending the past couple of months working on Ansible with networking kit, making an OpenBSD machine do the same thing has been a breath of fresh air. There is definitely something to be said for config files and reloading services, compared to trying to run a boat load of commands and trying to account for vendor CLI quirks.

Another notch in my love for OpenBSD

I'm now officially a podcaster!

I was invited by the Admin Admin Podcast ( team a couple of episodes ago to be a guest, and really enjoyed the experience.

Somehow I was invited back, but this time permanently.

Listen to episode 82 here -

Here we go, the next post in my Ansible for Networking series. This time, I'm covering Arista Networks, using vEOS.

Some challenges, but overall a very good experience!

Caligula's Horse - The Tempest

First time hearing these today. Getting a similar feeling to when I heard the right Haken song (Initiate for those interested), which turned into a musical obsession.

Absolutely loving this.

This is gonna be a fun one to read. Already in the first couple of paragraphs I'm laughing

Nice one @mwlucas

With everything going on right now, it took me longer than I'd hoped to finish this one off.

Ansible for Networking, this time with Juniper's JunOS

New video! How do I set up a fresh Manjaro installation for audio production? I've got so many requests for this one - I hope it's going to be helpful :)

#unfa #Manjaro #LinuxAudio #MusicProduction

I'm down for this. Current WFH setup. Its still a work in progress as the room was only finished about 5 days ago (wall was knocked down, massive old wardrobe removed), but I'm happy to the say the least!

After a few days of building the lab and writing it up, the next part of my Ansible for Networking series is out, on Cisco IOS

From BGP and OSPF to TACACS+, its all included!

so Im going to @bsdcan 2020 :) ...
and Ill be giving a tutorial on OpenBSD Networking
and giving a talk about how we use OpenBSD +OpenBGPD in our ISP ... :)

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know! #art #illustration #mastoart


Early release of our Halophile Router project, presented, is up at — a, template to deploy IRR- and RPKI-filtering, BCP38-compliant BGP routers for small ISPs. More info about it soon!


Part 2 of my series on Ansible for Networking is out. This covers setting up the lab environment using Ansible (mostly...), including FRR for dynamic BGP

So I'm mid-prep for a new series of posts on automating multiple different networking vendor's kit with Ansible.

Have to say Ansible has improved massively over the last few years, and yet is still really easy to get into.

Looking forward to starting this fully, and hopefully the posts will come out thick and fast.

I don't often deploy Windows, but when I do, I like to make sure I have no interaction with! 😬

On a slightly more serious note, I put together a post on using Packer and Ansible to build Windows images in AWS

Here's my post on using snmp_exporter, and the generator tool, to monitor PF on OpenBSD

I went a bit overboard on some of snmp_exporter explanation, but hopefully it is of use!

Got OpenBSD and snmp_exporter playing ball last night, and am now pulling stats about PF into my Prometheus instance.

I'm going to throw a post together on this today, because there's definitely a slightly convoluted process to this, and it took some fishing through documentation to work it out.

Glad I'm getting back into OpenBSD again, love it.

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