I spent my last 8 or so evenings trying to put together an environment to cross-compile apps for the . I'm giving up that idea for now. It turns out that the very feature that makes GTK great, the ease with which it can support so many language bindings, requires some sophisticated tools that are a real pain to cross-compile -- such as gobject-introspection.


I see two ways out for now: 1) use qemu with the aarch64 architecture; 2) compile directly in the pinephone via ssh. I really don't like the second option as compiling will be slow and I will have to keep a toolchain in the phone. It's good to have a separation between your dev and deploy environments.

What is your secret, GTK devs?


@yds People that have cross-compiled gobject-introspection did so successfully with simple executable wrappers using qemu-static-arm and friends.

The introspection data is platform and architecture specific, so it's the equivalent of a compiler; you need to have a native build in the toolchain, or it just won't work.

@yds Or get a beefier ARM box with the same OS for compilation. Works great with :manjaro: @ManjaroARM across 4, and .

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