Trying to build a toolchain for cross-compilation of GTK apps for the . It's harder than I imagined. Anyone with experience on this?

@yds I actually build stuff on my and copy over the result to the via scp. That works reasonably fine and is a very nice feat... when you try to build on x86 you can use some cross compile aware container images in Docker... I do this at work for armhf snaps for example...

@appelgriebsch Thank you! I was trying to do something along those lines: make a Docker image with a toolchain for GTK. So far it's a bit of mess, but Glib is compiling and being detected by other dependencies:

It must be nice to have the workflow completely in the same arch with the , unfortunately it is out of stock for some time now. But I'm trying also to learn more about cross-compilation so it's all good.

@yds a raspberry pi might also work... not sure if that’s feasible for you... if that’s only small tools which compiles in a matter of seconds or minutes and you don’t need to trigger it very often... as benefit you may have another system to test it first before moving it to the phone

@appelgriebsch I think that would work! To be honest I think even compiling in the Pinephone itself wouldn't be impossible for small apps.

@appelgriebsch very useful! It seems that putting the toolchain together by myself would be quite some work, considering the amount of stuff they did here.

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