If you missed this discussion on "why sucks", I strongly recommend it. They talk about:

* how hard it is to ship for Linux
* updates breaking userspace
* difficulty of using distros' libraries
* static/dynamic linking
* fragmentation of the community, too many
* many other points...

It would be nice for the community if Linux content creators could help to steer these debates.


I gave up on the idea of cross-compiling apps to the and decided to just go nuts and install the whole toolchain on the PP directly.

My password manager for the terminal compiled successfully, now I just need to fix a bug: copying to the clipboard is not working. I have to figure out how the clipboard works on .


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In vim:

From COMMAND mode, to “open a terminal” type term

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Shameless self-plug
wl-screenshot is now available in the unstable @mobian repo and gives you that screenshot app on the that you always wanted 📸 .

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In February, LibreOffice's QA (Quality Assurance) community fixed 153 bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped out! And you can give them a hand too, by reporting issues and testing fixes – learn more: qa.blog.documentfoundation.org

I see two ways out for now: 1) use qemu with the aarch64 architecture; 2) compile directly in the pinephone via ssh. I really don't like the second option as compiling will be slow and I will have to keep a toolchain in the phone. It's good to have a separation between your dev and deploy environments.

What is your secret, GTK devs?


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I spent my last 8 or so evenings trying to put together an environment to cross-compile apps for the . I'm giving up that idea for now. It turns out that the very feature that makes GTK great, the ease with which it can support so many language bindings, requires some sophisticated tools that are a real pain to cross-compile -- such as gobject-introspection.


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tonight the @mobian developers @devrtz and undef have reviewed the source code and packaging of wake-mobile which can serve as a stopgap alarm clock capable of waking up a suspended phone.

We'll try to make it available for mobian shortly.


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Trying to build a toolchain for cross-compilation of GTK apps for the . It's harder than I imagined. Anyone with experience on this?

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