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Hi guys, I'm !
I'm a C++ developer interested in free and open source software and in game development. Looking for interesting people to follow... ๐Ÿ˜…

Met a friend in a train and we were talking about . Posting it here so I can introduce him to

repository seems to have some and character

More tips on list

Most of -Droid games are wroth checking

For example

Anybody has tips for other resources (mainly for 2D, Android)?

Rather tempted to spin up a new virtual machine to re-experience the joys of one of my earlier Linux distros in life.

3 open-source packed CDs and a huge manual inside the box. It was 1997. Time flies.

Today I had a bit too much fun testing this cool FOSS C++ library called "Jet-Live"

It's a hot reloader for C++ code. You can edit the source code of a program anywhere and you can reload it. I see this might come really handy while hacking on my little OpenGL development framework!

A video game is just a giant loop updating the state of the "simulation" of the game. So that's the ideal application of that technology

MicroPython/CircuitPython-based gaming devices. A coin for scale.

Finding it harder and harder to keep using the web. Tracking, attention hoarding, surveillance, the horror.

It wasnโ€™t meant to be like this. This isnโ€™t what we thought it was going to be.

Over 210 European tech companies have signed our open letter to the European Parliament to reject #article13 and #article11. Our businesses depend on copyright and we compete with Google & other US tech companies - this law hurts our businesses!

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