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Hi guys, I'm !
I'm a C++ developer interested in free and open source software and in game development. Looking for interesting people to follow... 😅

@gbryant Thanks for making these videos showing of NextCloud.

I have a bunch of files scattered on Dropbox. I have a bunch of calendar crap on iCloud. I have a bunch of other stuff on Google Drive.

I upgraded my server to have 2TB of storage. Installed NextCloud and Collabora Office.

It's just amazing! And I just discovered the Music Apps. I CAN BUILD MY PERSONAL SPOTIFY. 😮

I spent my weekend building this. I am a happy man now.

The server runs :archlinux: because I'm also a mad man.

Hey, haven't talked about it a lot here, but I've been contributing to what should become both "yet another reference viewer" and a tool to manipulate assets.

Everything's open-source. Works on Linux and Widows, not tested on OSX yet.

Still lacking a lot of stuff, mostly, a standard (reference) metal/roughness PBR shader.

February 7, 2000 5:47 AM PT

According to a cross section of industry experts polled by ZDNet News, 2011 is the year to mark on your PDA because that's when chips are predicted to hit the 10GHz barrier. That giga-count is the equivalent of 10,000MHz in megahertz-speak.

Absurdly entertaining today... 🤣 🤣

#retrocomputing in news

@ybalrid yeah i've slowly been coming to the realization that the CPU demands for the emulator are high. I'll be getting a ryzen 3600x so hopefully i'll see some improvements :)

Met a friend in a train and we were talking about . Posting it here so I can introduce him to

repository seems to have some and character

More tips on list

Most of -Droid games are wroth checking

For example

Anybody has tips for other resources (mainly for 2D, Android)?

Rather tempted to spin up a new virtual machine to re-experience the joys of one of my earlier Linux distros in life.

3 open-source packed CDs and a huge manual inside the box. It was 1997. Time flies.

Today I had a bit too much fun testing this cool FOSS C++ library called "Jet-Live"

It's a hot reloader for C++ code. You can edit the source code of a program anywhere and you can reload it. I see this might come really handy while hacking on my little OpenGL development framework!

A video game is just a giant loop updating the state of the "simulation" of the game. So that's the ideal application of that technology

Over 210 European tech companies have signed our open letter to the European Parliament to reject #article13 and #article11. Our businesses depend on copyright and we compete with Google & other US tech companies - this law hurts our businesses!

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