If your wife has insomnia, you have insomnia

If your neighbor has wind chimes, you have wind chimes.

I guess this is why drugs and religion were invented.

I don't really believe in anything. I've got maybe 2-3 friends. I have no tribe, and it turns out, no style. There's no punchline.

New Adam Curtis documentary series on iPlayer. Always bewilderingly intense and interesting.

Today the sun has shone. I've swept the drive with my son (actually I used a brush but you know what I mean), cleaned my hiking boots, repotted some plants. I'm basically becoming Tom Good (ask your parents).

Ebay update: Turns out I don't have any choice but to accept this person's return - selecting 'no returns' when listing only covers 'buyer changed their mind'. He's claiming description isn't accurate. But there's no forum to challenge this whatsoever. Pretty much as you'd expect. So, accepting the return, but if it's not in the same condition I sent it (and it isn't, because he's broken it to the point it doesn't turn on anymore) I'm only obliged to give a partial refund. Ho hum.

Ebay person has now opened a return request for the laptop I sold him (at a discount) with no returns clearly stated. Do I:

a) Fight it, and let ebay arbitrate
b) Just accept the return for a quiet life

So I sold a T420 on ebay to some person for £120. The description and photos were explicit about every single small defect. But you know when you just get a 'feeling' about a buyer? Like they just don't get how life works? Yep. This morning an email "speakers don't work". Yes, I told you that in the description, I also asked you explicitly to read the full description when you messaged me asking for a discount. I've got 900 or so positive feedback, not a single negative, chum.

We've switched to the MS suite at work, and I cannot get my head around OneDrive at all.

X230 is by far the easiest laptop to upgrade/maintain that I know. Complete disassembly, motherboard replacement and rebuild in an hour.

I just work. Then when I'm not at work I'm thinking about the problems I have to solve at work.

Today's to-do list:

1) Lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators
2) Fall back in squads to the APC

Good morning! Just a reminder you live in a world where Robin Williams killed himself and Rolf Harris is a pedophile. Happy Friday!

Today's to-do list:

1) Nothing wrong with me
2) Nothing wrong with me
3) Nothing wrong with me
4) Nothing wrong with me
1) Something's got to give
2) Something's got to give
3) Something's got to give



Today's to-do list:

1) Dig through the ditches
2) Burn through the witches
3) Slam in the back of my Dragula

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Tesla states that their carbon savings so far are 3,6 megatons: tesla.com/carbonimpact?redirec

The current carbon footprint of bitcoin is 36,95 megatons/year: digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energ (probably underestimated)

The price of bitcoin has risen 10% on the announcement of this news.

Bitcoin's economic model is set up so that a 10% increase in price will lead to roughly a ten percent increase in emissions.

So in one year, this price increase will wipe out ALL of Tesla's carbon savings.

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