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Join the Grazer online in april!
In workshops and talks various topics related to free/open source software and open hardware platforms will be discussed!

So I had just a blog for long form content and mastodon for short form content.

Where would a Gemini capsule fit in? Too much choice 😐

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Really makes me consider revamping my "old internet" website [1] to be even more basic and reflect the same philosophy.

Having a single codebase for both might be slightly more complicated. Maybe I shouldn't aim for that and make them distinct in scope.

[1] I know, I know, it's not a replacement 😜

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question: I've read about the use of a gemlog folder here and there but can't find anything about it in the docs? Is it actually spec or just a "good" practice?

Anyone using .pt TLD for their Gemini website? As in, "plaintext" πŸ˜…

The computer repair madness continues.

Just in case this saga goes on for much much longer =>

Tested all the power supply points for both ATX and ATX_12v cables. Impeccable and well within tolerance.

So... RAM after all? Hope it's not CPU :/

Is it possible to host HTTP and Gemini content for the same domain on different servers? I can't see how that would work DNS-wise. But then again, DNS is barely mentioned at all in the protocol. Am I not understanding something?

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Please stop handing Google your users' data by using Google Forms. There's a fine alternative: Nextcloud Forms. Keep your data on your own server!

#privacy #GDPR

Steam email > "25 games are now on sale"

Well, guess it's that time of "every so often" again

Archive 2020 #movierant possible spoilers 

That thing should have happened at the 2/3rd mark leaving the protagonist the final act to do something with this knowledge and act somehow. That would have been a plot twist!

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Archive 2020 #movierant possible spoilers 

It's not often a movie tells you in the very last seconds that all you have been forced to sit through for the past two hours was utterly meaningless and useless.

I wanted to quit watching one third of the way (and I very rarely quit a movie, so that's saying something) but continued because the people who did like it (most didn't) were raving about a plot twist at the end.

That's not a plot twist! That's just taking a dump and calling it a day.

Guess the problem wasn't the motherboard :(

Positive side: I have two functional motherboards at home!

Negative side: I have a computer that is now behaving even worse than before and can barely boot up before crashing πŸ€”

TIL CPU can get very stuck to the cooling fan. Now, I need dental floss to get it loose...

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Received my new motherboard. Let's install it.

And pray that everything works as it should, given that I did frighteningly and uncharacteristically little research into this product πŸ˜‘

Track and trace confirms the motherboard will be delivered tomorrow. Modular synthesizer stream is now scheduled for tomorrow as well.

Got some new modules today!

If I also receive my new motherboard today to stop my computer from randomly shutting down, there will be a live synth exploration tonight!

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