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I just released #FootTerminal 1.4.0!

Foot is a #minimalistic #linux #wayland #TerminalEmulator that tries to be both (very) fast and lightweight.

Also works very well on the #PineBookPro :)

In addition to lots of bug fixes, this release brings multi-seat support, much improved #sixel support, and the ability to pipe visible text, or the entire scrollback, to external tools.

And of course, the new logo!

See full changelog on @codeberg

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On the occassion of german reports of exploits against #whatsapp Web ... you can use Delta Chat Desktop app without any dependency on a mobile phone. And a second independent security review is currently ongoing.

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The scientific evidence that both alcohol and tobacco are more dangerous than cannabis is now overwhelming. For example:

#alcohol #tobacco #cannabis #MakeItLegal

I don't usually write down mnemonic seeds but when I do, it first goes through a pen-and-paper cipher before being stored in a safe

best bashing on thus far, he's really fed up with them and for a good reason

@ggarron nails it! The idea of using a fictional person to demonstrate how easy it is to fall in the gated internet trap is very clever

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πŸŽ‰ 0.3.0 released with support for proofs :xmpp: 😎

Many thanks to Sebastian Korotkiewicz for writing the NodeJS proxy service that enables the XMPP identity proofs.

An example of an XMPP proof:

Bloggers of the decentralized web, let's unite and share our knowledge and solutions.

Today marks the beginning of or "Explain Like I Use Facebook" where we post content about how this new internet works and link to other blog posts that share similar knowledge. The target audience is, obviously, the userbase of websites like facebook that breathe the centralized internet but start to see the flaws of their internet.

The first of many posts:

Idea for a new blog post series: ELIUF or "Explain It Like I Use Facebook", giving detailed explanations on the decentralized internet if you're used to overly centralized networks like fb

Latest version of is 2.45.2, the version @Solus provides is 2.39.3 from June 2019. Is this for a reason?

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Google account neutered.
Moved away from every Google service except YouTube.
Installed on phone without GApps,
About to close Gmail down (havent used it in over 2 years)
Between , and I hardly ever access YouTube proper.
Full closure of Google account imminent!

Anyone have experience with displaying or converting jfif on websites? Trying to extract images from pgp keys…

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First official announcement: identity proofs are now supported πŸŽ‰

Just need to write a post on and add a notation to your key!

Want another service supported? Let me know with the hashtag

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Announcement from the @elementary team 😍

"We've completely left Google Analytics behind in favor of Plausible. Google’s incentive is to collect as much information as possible from people visiting as many sites as possibleβ€”and using Google Analytics directly helps them do that."

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Time is 13:37, so let's make this πŸŽ‰

This is the new dedicated account for the project, easy and for all in a fully and friendly package!

Developed by @yarmo
Read more about the project here:

Let's make distributed identity happen! 😎

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Here's a post on my site with a bunch of my personal website recommendations with a stupid title:

With shout-outs to @kev @ggarron @zerok @yarmo @glasnt @mike and a bunch of other fediverse peeps who got briefer mentions

logo v6 (which is v5 with borders for contrast and purple changed to blue because it doesn't fit with border)

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