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Nevermind, fixed it. It wasn't , php router was not set up correctly :/

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Any experts in the room? Am completely stuck, rewrites not working as they should (well, they probably are, I'm just not asking for the right thing)

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A related but different domain for me as a : . Here's all I do to secure my right after creating it - what do you think? Is there more that I can do? πŸ˜€

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I know it's totally not FOSS but I'm optimizing for convenience here. @yarmo is working on a more foss-y version too that I'm sure will be many times better. :)

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I noticed a website I use has a 16KiB *javascript* thats sole job is to download the "best" favicon.ico format for my specific browser. A typical favicon is around 1KiB. What a collosal waste of energy and time the www has become.

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You can tell that big tech eats their users due to their starving when you are not around.

Twitter sends me an email about how it needs my attention. Pardon, that I "have [notifications] on Twitter". And I bet you that the only notification I have there is this stupid "in case you missed it" notification that you get when you don't surf twitter X hours a day.

Anyway, I enjoy the fediverse a lot more :) thank you people!

Median fully loaded time (webpagetest)

My foss project: 0.328s
Corporate solution: 5.183s

Median bytes in (webpagetest)

My foss project: 6 KB
Corporate solution: 2171 KB

Median cost per page in USD (, in Canada, most expensive country for some reason)

My foss project: < $0.01
Corporate solution: ~ $0.26

We may be on to something πŸ€”

When 92% of the website's bytes is fonts, it may be time to drop 'em?

What's your opinion on just using whatever font your browser/OS provides? aka "font-family: sans-serif"

My soon-to-be-launched side project already has a few visitors. One referrer: baidu πŸ™„

Is there no alternative for ? A DNS lookup service that returns json

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@snikket_im your offering seems quite the interesting all-in-one package, I am curious how it is different from using say prosody+conversations?

Talking about the proverbial devil, @protonmail is back on the tootz!

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TIL: In Firefox dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled can be used to prevent websites from blocking your paste (e.g. for a login form).


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A new alpha release is available! This adds support for creating account recovery links (new phone, or had to reinstall the app?), increases the size limit for group file sharing, and fixes a bug with private group chat creation.

We're working on getting a comprehensive documentation site up. Meanwhile if you have any questions feel free to ask here or in the chat!

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Made the master->main git switch.

It costs nothing, it's a very small change but could mean a lot.

@dino why u no have snaps? xD Feeling a bit left out here on

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