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Good to know "some things never change"

Long-pressing on a popup player makes it fill the width of the screen 😍

@sphyphes fuck up a few installs. Honestly that's how I'm learning… But wish I had also access to some absolute knowledge

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I set up my own server on the cheapest money can buy ($5/mo). I was really surprised how easy it was. I've only done small tests with one other person, but so far it looks like it performs really well.

The amount of time it took to provision the server, set up the DNS record, install Jitsi, and start testing was probably under 30 minutes. No troubleshooting required. The install went exactly like the tutorial said it would.

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We are delighted to receive $10K in funding from @mozilla this week. We pitched CryptPad to the MOSS Open Source Seed Award back in February at #FOSDEM. We will use these funds to improve loading times.

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We're sorry, Zoom is becoming a bit of a punching bag - but, like Facebook, they choose their own business practices and we all can disagree with those questionable choices. So do SpaceX and NASA... They have banned the use of Zoom.

Resident Evil 3 is a game about a pandemic and takes place in Raccoon City. With the letters of Raccoon, you can make Corona 😵

And you still have a C left…


@ndegruchy I have an i3 NUC, also very decent server, can handle multiple Plex streams

"data from users who have turned on the Location History setting, which is off by default."

Is this true? I used vanilla android about a year ago and could not get tracking to stop. I disabled the location history (which was enabled by default!), stopped countless android services and every night would find my commute back on some google page.

put an end to that.

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Thanks ?

Worldwide user GPS tracking now checks if people obey the local rules and guidelines

@musicmatze @lschuermann I've attempted it twice with docker, never got it to work so congrats! \o/

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The wife of a friend of mine used #jitsi #jitsimeet to talk to her students just two days ago. 15 students in class for about half an hour with perfect sound quality and 13 of them with camera and perfect video quality on the official instance.

How awesome is that? The future is now!

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#Zoom is taking it to a new level - after leaking your webcam data to anyone who knows your computer's IP for Mac & leaking your data to Facebook on iOS, Windows 10 is next with leaking your login credentials.

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The services offered on

- - Mastodon
- - DoH DNS server
- - Cryptpad
- - xmpp server
- - disposable email addresses
- - RSS client
- - pastebin
- - Nextcloud
- - image hosting
- - password manager
- - Gitea

As a follow up, I did receive an email with something I've never seen before and now wish it would become a gold standard: I received a copy of the entire chat I had with customer support! That is very helpful to have for future reference

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Strange practices online - Coursera edition.

I subscribed to a course or so I thought: you automatically subscribe unknowingly (to me) to an entire specialization. When I finished the course then got charged again, I was confused and contacted them on the very same day.

Paraphrasing "That's the way it works, we're sorry, no refunds".

"But I really didn't know this. Button says course, I think course".

"Ok, hold. -3 minutes later- Exceptionally for you, one-time refund".

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