@olivia ow I'm waiting! And I ain't brave πŸ˜‰

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There is any floss decentralised platform for dating/making friends locally?

@ithor I like the idea! Have not heard of something like this yet though

That was some hard fluting today, @olivia ! Looking forward to future missions

Children in my street playing with chalk and drawing on the pavement. Cute :)

They are writing in big letters "Do you know Tiktok?" Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Make my own Eurorack-compatible arduino clock module that is BPM precise and add in some clock dividers and swing for good measure? Can't believe there isn't a simple module out there for this

When is the next "samurai killing" game stream, @olivia ? πŸ˜‹ really enjoyed that one

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Mastodon Friends on xmpp need more friends.
Please DM your ID so I can add you?

@josias @Tay0 still cool! Either way, I have more knowledge now :)

@sheogorath haha it really is quite a feeling to learn something so fundamental so late! xD

I've always thought fstab was a weirdly-named command.

f-stab. Why? Stab what?

It is only today that I am able to rejoice over the sheer stupidity of my former belief.

@mindofjoe I'm not sure how I would measure thermal throttling to be honest.

But I have the fan in my hand right now and it feels slightly stiff. The fan might have been underperforming!

@huy_ngo could be new. Someone also made the point it only happens when you have linux and windows on separate drives (which is my case) so it may be an older "feature" but just never happens when both reside on the same drive

@jahway603 I'm no longer gaming on windows. Native Linux games + proton has been a life saver!

@edgren great way of developing it that I truly appreciate!

I happen to have a very minimal server setup (here it comes, plz no flame <3) where I run most "server" processes in separate containers. Since PHP is running in a container, I could still install serenum the default way, so πŸ€”

Ah well, we'll see. It's also for practicing putting stuff in docker.

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