@staticvoidmaine what the hell? That's a shite move.

I might just remove the link to proton altogether. It appears an actual person sent me that email so I might use the occasion to voice my concern

I was just contacted by @protonmail via email. If I could update a link to their new website in a blog post I wrote two years ago.

@Casinoslcohol IMO privacy is not about things you need to hide or are sensitive in that sense. If all your account verification emails can be read and sold for targeted advertisements, I still consider that a breach of privacy.

@thomas congrats! Will join soon.

Can you disable sharing the mic stream? I live near a park in a suburb so people may walk by and I don't want to record/distribute their conversations 😯

shitpost, linux 

Linux is so inconsistent. There's a `poweroff` command, but not a `poweron`? Unusable!


Looking at their new pricing, they have gone even more in an "anti-family" direction. While their now-removed Visionary Plan would have been the most appealing for small families, proton is now either for individuals or businesses. And the pricing for businesses can be quite prohibitive for families.

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Big update today, here is the blog post:


Looks mostly visual and a new domain, but still, "unifying" the experience seems like a good move when trying to provide an alternative for Big Tech corps that do nothing but "unifying" their walled gardens.

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"Be inconvenient
Be sand not oil
in the machinery
of the world"

I need someone to make a fediverse account with the identifier "keith" and then set their profile name to "jim".

That way, if you don't like the name Keith, I will call you Jim.

I did not know was a thing 😱 No wonder I'm still stuck on this planet and haven't been able to catch a ride to a distant galaxy!

So for those who use here, are you using additional tools to automate and ease the interaction with snapshots? Or just plain btrfs CLI?

@zack you mean a scenario where the admin may not be aware their password is compromised? Ok, I'll admit, that does make sense then.

But then, the frequency should be higher as in the worst case scenario, careful attackers still have six months worth of snooping around and preparing for the password change.

Wow, installer still recommending to change root passwords regularly 🤦

@frox some strange DNS issue. I could ping IP addresses fine but not any domains.

Possibly due to some tailscale configuration that went awry.

Likely very fixable but again, I'm just using this opportunity to fix a lot of mistakes made in five years.


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