You naughty , we asked you to take down the words "Open Source" from your website since you are NOT

You did.

It seems those words have somehow found their way back on the website.

Time to raise awareness again and try to make Cyph understand. If the fedizens would like to join the effort and leave a little comment on the issue, that'd be awesome!

Boost appreciated

is going great so far! The website is drawing over 1000 visitors every day and the first wave of PRs has hit the repo.

I'd like to thank @floehopper (I think is this is you, at least) for their contribution and the beast @screenbeard for 6 PRs (and probably counting 😅 )

This is . If you see a project you like but is not quite there yet, you get the chance to make the change you want to see.

We need to talk licenses. Recently discovered through the project (big fan). I'm quite ideological but I really dig the pragmatism behind this license. The code is still , accessible and extendible. That's what I want from a product I need to trust. If the owner wants my contributions but doesn't want me making money from it… I understand that! Yet I read a lot of criticism about this license.

What am I not seeing?

Imposter syndrome has been telling me otherwise for a while now, but I think I might just post the link to my first real project… It's not finished by any means and also not optimized for mobile yet as it was intended for desktop usage in uni classes…

With all the disclaimers out of the way, here's NeuroModelJS!

A Hodgkin-Huxley model simulation for the browser!

Not the first of its kind, but it's mine 😊

Friday: hastebin! alternative to pastebin and easily self-hostable through

I'd like to mention , statistics software from the great people working at the University of Amsterdam! Phenomenal project taking on the likes of SPSS.

please promote an of your liking with the rest of the community!

Friday is back!

, open source compositing software, best there is (to my limited knowledge) in the battle against adobe.

Please note the project is in need of developers and maintainers.

If possible, boost if you know developers looking for projects to contribute to.

What email client are you using?

Paid/free, Foss or not...

Does anyone convert batch files into executables? And preferably using tools!


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