Meanwhile, all people not using google play services out of privacy concerns can't even use the play store version of bookmarks because it's behind a paywall, fdroid build still isn't working and no apk's are released

Good stuff

Is getting an internal @CollaboraOffice image as an addon? That would be amazing

Man, I love , they are really fighting the good fight and nailing it. Also really happy to see them promoting @CollaboraOffice again over… I honestly forgot their names… well, you know who I'm referring to

The ease of using on mobile these days just baffles me

I fell for it. I used on my server. Then was very much promoting and I switched. Now, a few months after this recommendation, onlyoffice removes the ability to edit on mobile devices and makes it a $950 feature.

This week is just getting better and better for : 16 released!!!!!

Waiting on the docker container update 😀

:nextcloud: :nextcloud: :nextcloud: 😍


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