Anyone else installed using marketplace? Every time I log in via ssh, it wants to reinstall mastodon all over again 🀨

Just went back to Reddit for a moment. It's a lot easier to recognize the toxicity once you get used to communities that like @fosstodon on and surely many others.

I know these are not 1:1 comparable, but I hope and @prismo will get stable soon enough.

I have to ask: will toxicity seep into Mastodon once it reaches a certain mass of users?

Question feels rhetorical. Communities are fragile... Cherish what we have and act to preserve that

I think we need a / client for ... I've made (extremely simple) and clients in the past...

Imagine tooting whenever analyses are done running...

Fellow aficionados, I'd like to follow bots like @everyhexcolor, but they very quickly clog up the ... Any way to get that content in lists, but not in the timeline?


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