People wanna hang out there on for the sake of trying it out? In the room

Had family over for a few days but I'm back for some improvements.

- New design (less grey :D)
- proofs support!
- proofs support!

(please note some and instances might not work due to instance-specific settings)

On the , it's rare to see a day go by without extremely toxic back-and-forth between team and team . I'll be honest, the topics of discussion confuse me, I do not know enough about security and what not.

But the absolute vility.

Help me understand.

Also, will the fediverse survive this or should we be ready to move on? Because if every camp bullies until one is left then the fediverse will be in no better place than twitter: toxic wasteland ruled by one.

Come to think of it, I want to be better than . And therefore, so should the apps. What if @Tusky and had anti-addictive behavior features like optional pagination: people could turn it on, decide to read one or two pages and then go to sleep for example. Endless scrolling makes this difficult and fuels addiction.

Anyone else installed using marketplace? Every time I log in via ssh, it wants to reinstall mastodon all over again 🤨

Just went back to Reddit for a moment. It's a lot easier to recognize the toxicity once you get used to communities that like @fosstodon on and surely many others.

I know these are not 1:1 comparable, but I hope and @prismo will get stable soon enough.

I have to ask: will toxicity seep into Mastodon once it reaches a certain mass of users?

Question feels rhetorical. Communities are fragile... Cherish what we have and act to preserve that

I think we need a / client for ... I've made (extremely simple) and clients in the past...

Imagine tooting whenever analyses are done running...

Fellow aficionados, I'd like to follow bots like @everyhexcolor, but they very quickly clog up the ... Any way to get that content in lists, but not in the timeline?


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