Anyone using a app for if possible

Are there companies/organizations doing consulting/advocating to scientists/academia?

Sounds too niche πŸ€”

Just bought my first via, no subscriptions for me, drm-free mp3 file please πŸ˜ƒ

Now gang, how do you play your audiobooks on Android?

As I was delving into the world of this week and discovering its benefits and drawbacks, I stumbled upon a gem, a fantastic implementation named ! Serious recommendation and must-have thanks to that integration with !

I'd like to mention , statistics software from the great people working at the University of Amsterdam! Phenomenal project taking on the likes of SPSS.

please promote an of your liking with the rest of the community!

Friday is back!

, open source compositing software, best there is (to my limited knowledge) in the battle against adobe.

Please note the project is in need of developers and maintainers.

If possible, boost if you know developers looking for projects to contribute to.

What email client are you using?

Paid/free, Foss or not...

hastebin is an awesome self hosted solution to replace pastebin! all the way!

I'd like to pandoc today. Absolutely brilliant tool to convert between many text formats. When writing a scientific paper in markdown but promotors only work with docx, this gem saves the day.

Not trying to be a copy cat or anything...

But is this something a new independent initiative should do? Take existing apps, bundle them, brand them, get paid for them but make sure the upstream projects are the ones that benefit from this? A alliance...

This is the part where you say "bruh, do you really not know about..."

Nearing the end of my halflife and not willing to stay in ... What have others with a passion for tech and in a similar situation done after?

(PhD involved lots of computation and programming in , so I'm hoping that's a bit of a plus...)

This week is just getting better and better for : 16 released!!!!!

Waiting on the docker container update πŸ˜€

:nextcloud: :nextcloud: :nextcloud: 😍

My project requires me to use , but next time I get a choice, it's all the way!

Show thread a free and online CV maker. Monetisation will be through side services, the core service (CVs) should remain free.

........ Do we have a CV maker?


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