My last :) has it been 100 posts already? Well, no...

But I'm happy I participated and learned a great deal. Here's my overview of the last 25 posts, hope you like it and I will definitely keep on reading all the other posts out there!

New on my website: a Projects section! Stuff I'm either thinking of making and working on!

Day 24

I have finally replaced nzb360! Doesn't work because my LineageOS doesn't process app purchases made on vanilla phones.

Welcome ! and amazing! Anyone who deals with radarr, sonarr, lidarr and nzb should have this. Available on and iphone!

A very short , basically just the meaning of SMH. For the life of me, I can never remember the meaning.

Me just geeking out over the new "Back 2 Basics" mode in 1. It completely revives the game in such a cool and interesting way.

provides an easy-to-use interface to send PGP-encrypted emails with the email service you are familiar with. If secure IMs are not an option, this is the next best thing for less tech-savvy people.

I wrote a short introduction note.

I need your help.

I wrote a lengthy and technical blog post in which I describe an idea I have for a distributed system to verify content on websites.

TLDR: servers with cryptographically-signed hashes verify content and notify website owners if said content is changed.

Am I missing obvious flaws? Has this problem already been solved?

Please do let me know if this would be worth the effort.


As a solution to my "content drowning" issue due to , I've implemented a Notes section.

Thanks @kev and @murtezayesil for inspiration and discussions.

The challenge has the side effect of diluting the "more interesting" content a bit. Is this a problem worth solving? Or is that just the way blogging goes? Just include a search field and categories for people searching for specific stuff?

Migrated to v2 today. Took a few hours and learned a few things. Some notes about it in today's blog post:

I think my homelab is telling me it wants to start fresh, evolve into my homelab 2.0. I'm taking a few days off maintaining the server to ponder the next step.

I have a personal website to gain some control over what people see when they put my name in a search engine.

Without any effort on my part besides making the website, which search engine had a better experience? or ?

Hint: it quacks and it rocks

Using influxdb/grafana and want to monitor your plex using that? Today, I found out about

I'm taking a break from snapraid as I need more storage space and don't have money for new drives...

A short story for

Should you selfhost your email server? All the nuances and considerations that were missing from yesterday's blog post.

Thanks again, @Matter :)

A lot of focus on privacy today, I like it :) I'll add my own contribution to that topic!

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