That was one hell of a productive 4-hour stream!

- is now on AUR πŸŽ‰
- potentially has a working .deb (need to test)
- made great progress! (matrix+owncast chat OBS overlay)

Next: wowncast as flatpak? snap? rpm? Could try them all!

Really couldn't have done it without the people in chat, today I was particularly blessed with knowledgeable and curious people who were invested in making the progress happen! Love you all 🀍

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I got there during that streamcast but got busy so didn't even get a chance to follow or participate.

Hey Yarmo,

I'm most interested in #mowoo, or at least, Matrix chat in PeerTube and/or Owncast - but mainly PeerTube. No.... I'm interested in both equally lolz.

Do you have some fup links for me, or perhaps it's a wip in your codeberg repos? Such an overlay is quite desireable. The one issue I have with owncast is anonymity, which heavily curtails the ability for moderation.

The XMPP chat for PeerTube is pretty simple, and has some pretty good granular control as well, one can opt for non-regisgtered nicks via the casual user just showing up, but prosody will also reserve nicks of registered users. The streamer can choose whether to allow unregistered guests or require (enforce) that people in chat have a registered account.

Matrix over both #Owncast AND #PeerTube provides a level of control that is truly granular on a platform that I'm interested as an #OBS overlay.

Feel free to DM me on Matrix too.
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