I don't think I'm fully ready to launch wowncast which probably means it's time to launch wowncast.

So yay, is here 🎉

It's like an Owncast subscription manager for the terminal. Quickly see which instances are streaming and open them in your media player of choice.

Integrates nicely with rofi.

Can currently only install through source compilation (needs dart installed). Gonna figure out pre-compiled binaries next.

Pinging @gabek and @nebunez

@yarmo @gabek Oh hell yeah! I might need to get your help with rofi integration, because the wtwitch rofi didn't work for me for some reason (wtwitch alone worked fine).

@yarmo @gabek @nebunez Awesome job mate! Mastered dart in such a short time! Respect!

@yarmo @gabek @nebunez Command Line Owncast, and you just left the name CLOwncast there hanging, unused?! 🤡

@michael Dayum that's a good one! Leaving it for the community :)

@gabek @nebunez

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