Popping the big ergo question.

What's your preference, mouse-wise?

@yarmo Other = no mouse. Standard mouse for gaming.

@yarmo I've been using a vertical mouse for a while, but I just ordered my first trackball. I trusted @asbjorn 's recommendation and am currently awaiting shipment of an Elecom Huge

@totoroot @yarmo @asbjorn I've been using a vertical mouse for more than year and I decided to give a go to a trackball like a week ago! I must to say that I really enjoy to use one. However I have some problem with precision (not big problem) 😄

@arek @totoroot @yarmo In my experience, trackballs that use index,middle,ring-fingers are really precise - thumb-trackballs not as much.

It might just be a matter of hours spent, but I am definitely more precise with trackballs than with traditional mice at this point. I play first-person shooters on my Elemcom with no issue.

Then again, if I were forced to chose between cursor precision and comfort, I'll chose comfort any day.

@yarmo never seen a vertical mouse in the wild. do they really make that much difference to a normal mouse? I guess your thumb is "opposed" but it's not like a click requires any significant force.

@yarmo I was so annoyed when laptops stopped having a trackball, a proper sized one not a little mini one.

@yarmo Handshoe mouse. Expensive, strange-looking, and the most comfortable mouse I've ever used, full stop.

@yarmo My preference is no mouse. I use a trackball for systems where a pointer device is unavoidable (Windows for work), and a standard mouse for most games.
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