Anyone doing software development on a SBC instead of a laptop/desktop computer?

Sometimes I think I don't need this bulky thing to write a bit of code 🤔

@yarmo I'm running IntelliJ on my Raspi and works flawlessly.. I wouldn't run any emulators on it tho but you can still try if you have a 8gb version... @PINE64 has awesome SBC's by the way.

@Seferi my very first SBC was the crowd-funded @PINE64 A64 :)

Gonna look into their more modern SBCs

@yarmo depends on what your dev setup is ofcourse. I run several things in the background that require a bit more beef. (GPU Acceleration in my IDE, intelephense, several linters, debugger, etc.)

But you can get most of that in the browser nowadays as well, so a SBC could be sufficient in most setups.

Surely a modern sbc would be on par with my 2013 machine at home :P

@sexybiggetje And my 2014 budget laptop sure beats my 2012 Raspberry Pi (which is still used daily, as an MPD and file server) 🙂 @yarmo

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