"People, stop centralization! Centralization bad! Decentralize now, decentralize everything!

Please star my project on github"
- Developers of the 2020's

@yarmo Just wait for the obvious answer from the same people: "But git is decentralised!"

@loke @yarmo legit tho when are we getting gitea-over-activitypub
@yarmo decentralization is good but you need to understand that you have to be pragmatic and practical about it and not kneejerk about it, make a very well thought out and robust spec (look at irc, it's still in respects better than xmpp (and especially matrix))

And try not to make electron 'apps' lol

@coldacid @meeper @yarmo well some parts of it match reality. Figuring out which ones is left as an exercise for the reader.

@wolf480pl @coldacid @yarmo fair yet modern irc is much less painful to implement than xmpp or damned matrix as a matter of fact git (and thus github) is decentral by nature.

you gotta choose what your main is. github (and gitlab and bitbucket) are the most known and used platforms for that.

@kura @yarmo Git is distributed by nature. github is a single site and is centralized.

isn't github introducing their own app to access github? It works alongside git ... for now. Enjoy the access while you have it.

They say: "GitHub Desktop
Focus on what matters instead of fighting with Git. Whether you're new to Git or a seasoned user, GitHub Desktop simplifies your development workflow."

Any time a tech company says "let us take care of the hard parts" they are patronizing you. 1/2

@kura @yarmo They are aiming for a clientele that doesn't know they can do git themselves - and once they decouple the clients from the underlying git, they can replace the git with something that isn't distributed, and does lock in the clients. 2/2

@yarmo Equally as annoying as the "Don't put all your eggs in one basket, check my profile"

@yarmo @neil I do not think it is a valid analogy:
Linktree exists exactly to collect links to different places where you store your content. Not all eggs are in the same baskets, then: in one basket you have the coordinates to retrieve all eggs.

- When will you move out of GH to a different git host?
- When we get the ideal federated git platform which does everything that GH is doing and much more for free.

@yarmo I will be happy (and I cannot wait) to move out of #GitHub once the WIP project of federating @gitea instances becomes a reality. Until then, unfortunately GitHub will remain the only place when you can explore and discover great #OpenSource software. Furthermore, I am tired to have to create different accounts on several #Gitea and #GitLab instances every time.

#ActivityPub #git


Yep, great stuff, and I call to anyone to contribute to @fedeproxy
and @gitea federation in any way they can. Participate on community and/or just spread the message far and wide.

@yarmo decentralize the centralization effort! ... Wait, what? 😄

@yarmo "Further explained on our YouTube channel. Like and subscribe!"

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