Hope intermittent fasting will have some result 'cause the mornings are rough 😓

@yarmo I never had it working for me, the only thing that really worked for me is CICO, lost about 50kg through 2 years of doing it, is it fun? no, but it does work.

@yarmo Eating well in the morning, especially if you do physical work and restricting food consumption in the evening works much better than torturing yourself to the point of feeling uncomfortable when you are hungry.

@thorn it's not "torturing", it's just "I can't do the same kind of morning work without breakfast as with"

But hadn't considered evening food restriction 🤔 I could try that!

@thorn @yarmo
Intermediate fasting doesn't say you should not eat in the morning. You can eat in the morning, but then not in the evening.

@rudolf @thorn I switched today to a 7-15 eating schedule, thanks for all your wisdom :)


For me it's four hours until the next meal (first for the day). Keeping myself busy and concentrated on something else helps. Like: "time flies and you don't even have the time to think about eating" :)

@hanser working on that as well! While actual work is a bit tough, I find that doing some mindless sysadmin stuff is ok :)

I've been skipping breakfast for the past 2 and 1/2 years. In the first few months, bringing an insulated bottle of hot broth (chicken or vegetable) that I drank around 11AM would help me reach the dinner break. Drinking water, lots of it can help too.

My issue is not snacking in the evening. 🙄

@normandc thanks for sharing! I have switched yesterday to skipping dinner instead, so far so good but need a bit more data.

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