Anyone heard of and/or using ?

Decentralized messaging over tor. Looks interesting! And cryptographic identities 💜

And I now have myself a which is only needed for group chats :) I like this ecosystem

* server* kind of an important word to miss 🤦‍♂️

@yarmo I didn’t before this and I had to install it. Looks interesting

@yarmo I heard of it before but don't have anyone to try it with 😃 Anyways, is the source down for anyone else?

@yarmo Maybe my network's problem. It keeps saying "Secure Connection Failed" for me, but using a VPN kinda solves that.

@fedops @yarmo I've already gotten it installed, so I'd be up for it :)

@Mundon @fedops

I'm fcy6e4v7ij3i42qk7qhmoosojrbstzrynzy2hk76vdipfvfaaku2suqd

Now I tried installing the server but group chats didn't really work when I tried earlier

@Mundon I'm z63bfty2vy5wwxzp5rambffxhoaqb3jk62unadnf2dhtd5tc5frnffqd

@fedops @yarmo I'm nbhpse2bjufb5dihs5hj6d4uqnqbiogdekmlxwcuppsqznvvs67h7bid

@yarmo I added my CWTCH to my profile so feel free to add me and try this
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