Finally finished my first project, after 683 projects that I started and never got managed to finish.

And yes, it's barely 50 lines and most of it is slightly modified copy-pasted code, but hey, `cargo run` runs fine. Definitely room for improvements though.

is a static website that brings together all lists!

And yes, of course it uses by @kev :)

Pinging @humanetech =D

@yarmo @kev

Wow, this is just.. #delightful 😍

Gonna have a closer look when I get home, and to ping someone asking for just such feature (if I remember who it was). Also note I have ~5 delightful #database entries to add.

To #fediverse: don't hesitate, create your own #foss #OpenScience or #OpenData related list, and be part of 'the delightful family' 🤗

Dear fedizens, I'm sure y'all have some great stuff to share with the community.

@yarmo @kev fabulous! Thank you for putting it together! 💚🤗

Looking at RSS CLI section, do you know of any that sync with #nextcloud news?

Nice liste by the way.

@kev @humanetech

@dragnucs I don't actually, not sure if there is since nextcloud news is already the client. It would have to be a CLI that doesn't support RSS but rather connects to a nextcloud instance.


@yarmo @kev @humanetech excellent project! I love the name. It's a while that I've in my mind a similar project named "bright network" useful resources (like you did) delivered over Tor (as opposed to the term dark network)

@yarmo @kev @humanetech I've quickly read the home page and checked your github account but I didn't understand how one can contribute to the list of resources


For that you can check:

This is the top-level list from where you can drilldown to individual sub-lists.

@yarmo @kev

@damko these are not "my" lists, the whole delightful project was initiated by @humanetech and people maintain individual lists. Myself, I maintain delightful databases.

Here's the repository for that list:

Say you'd like to add a database to that list, then you should have a codeberg account, fork the repository, edit the file, push the changes to your fork and submit a pull request.

The delightful-club repository itself does not contain the lists

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