Dear developers, you encounter an open source project and feel enticed to check out their community. Discord is mentioned as the only place where the discussions take place.

Your reaction?

A - Great, I already have an account anyway.
B - Ok, I'd be willing to join if the project is interesting enough.
C - Not ok, I will not be part of those discussions.
D - Other (see comment)

Boosts appreciated (research for blog post).

@yarmo I voted B but I'd like to note that being "interesting enough" is a pretty high bar for me. If I have a question related to using the project I will probably pop in, ask my question, and leave. If I am contributing to the project actively, I would probably join for a bit, and leave if I wasn't actively using the channel (and I probably wouldn't actively use the channel).

@robby @yarmo Same here - "interesting enough" would have to be on the scale of ground breaking. Maybe that's more of a reflection on myself than the poll. Ha!

@yarmo using Discord for communication is 100% no go for me.

There are soo many great free alternatives, why should a Foss project use something unfree. It makes me question their integrity.

@yisraeldov @yarmo because it provides free infrastructure that works and everyone is able to use easily from phone / web browser / any OS

@yarmo matrix, imo, in its current form is not as easy to use and overall less polished, although it's getting there (I'm rooting for it). Also if you're using it for video/audio calls, it's way better.
@yisraeldov @solene

Same here. Even though I don't like centralization and would prefer projects to hist their own Matrix instances, offers free instructure. Also available from phone/web browser/ any OS as well.

While Matrix and are things, there is no excuse to use just Discord. Communication can be bridged between different platforms so that people can have an option to choose their platform of choice without compromise.


I was aggreing to @solene's point. I don't believe limiting the communication platform for a FOSS project to Discord is a goood look for the project. It hurts to see a FOSS alternative is not utilized by a FOSS project.

As much as I like FOSS, I won't give up on my privacy just to chat on your channel. I will use issues page on git for whatever I want to say, if a FOSS project doesn't have either of Matrix, XMPP, IRC or forum as an option.

@murtezayesil @solene @yarmo

You don't think you are giving up your privacy using MS github?

Sure, but reducing the number of services is just as important. I had GitHub account before the Microsoft took over. But that doesn't mean that I don't care about privacy at all and should satrt using Discord, Twitter, Facebook etc.
@yisraeldov @solene @yarmo

@yisraeldov I suppose you are a Nixos user, the project heavily rely on github. By being an user do you think this encourage their choice? @murtezayesil @yarmo

I'm really sad to see nixos using github and this is really hurting me when I want to contribute... I'm not sure what could be done for that though, I'm just a boring zealous open source person.

@solene @murtezayesil @yarmo Yes, I am sad that they are so dependent on github. I also am not such a fan of the language it's self. Would love to move to guix but it just wasn't mature enough and had support for enough packages for me.

@yarmo I've read the terms of , , and many such, I simply do not agree with such malevolent legalese.

If people wish to meet and build stuff, or a community there, I can't join, but I also can't tell them I can't. It shuts people out, intentionally or not.

Also it imposes a bias in communities when 100% agree to unfree terms, especially towards questions about freedom.

It's a threat to software freedom. I feel similarly about forking on .

@yarmo Probably somewhere between B & C: I'll struggle to stick around.

@yarmo I'm _fine_ with it tbf though I generally prefer forums...
Because then my predicament may help others in the future too.
Also means I don't have to stay around 24/7 to see a reply (or miss it) and have 1337666 people interrupt all the time.

@yarmo I will only join a Discord server if there's a Matrix bridge set up, and even then I'll probably be less inclined to be a part of the discussion. Most of the projects I gravitate toward go on IRC anyway, so I've rarely encountered this problem.

@yarmo Other - Darn, another thing tying me to Discord. I wish people would switch to Matrix or XMPP.

@yarmo From my limited experience, Discord communities for some OSS project either become deluges of messages or barren spaces that no one communicates in. Neither of those are particularly helpful for me. I know there are ways to mitigate against that (channels, muting, etc), but it always seems tough to moderate. But I might not be in the right project community chats, so take that with some skepticism.

@yarmo Define "discussions" - does that mean they have no regular bugtracker to discuss bugs and patches?
That'd be a (C) - discord sucks for such purposes as it's not structured enough (IMO).
If it's just for what IRC was use in the past (and sometimes still is), it's ok: I don't hang out in those places for most software I use, and only sometimes for software I contribute to, and I *do* already have a Discord account (and at least for text chat it can be used in a regular web browser).

@yarmo B.

I don't care anymore. Of course I would prefer it would be XMPP or Matrix but at least it's not IRC.
@yarmo I recently had issue with discord forcing me into giving my phone number, so I closed my account, and loosed connection with both friends and project I was contributing to

I've already got a Discord account for situations exactly like what you've mentioned. The thing is, I'm not happy about it and always suggest alternatives to the community leaders. But hey, sometimes you have to overlook one evil to contribute to a greater good.

@yarmo "how dare they!" I'll use their discord guild if I have to but it will generally lower my opinion about it. Unless it's part of a larger ecosystem where it's customary tobuse discord, but still meh.

@yarmo D, I'd be pissed off but may, very reluctantly, be dragged into the conversation if the project is truly useful. From there, nag the server admins to at least bridge to matrix.
Option B does not adequately express how annoyed I'd be :P

@yarmo I restrict myself to the "discussions" outside Discord, but if some third party offers a bridge to the chats, I use that

@yarmo "idc, you do you, have fun having those conversations 🤷‍♀️"

@yarmo @nytpu I voted B, but the bar for “interesting enough” is *real* high.

@yarmo I would be more likely to join on matrix but the threshold for joining on discord is slightly higher than the importance threshold on matrix (or already bridged)

I already have big problems with the #Microsoft owned #closedsource #github . Once I made an Account, they asked me about my interests and I wrote "freeSoftware, gittea, gitlab, Linux" and they blocked my account. 🤬 I tried to make another one, but that ones also got blocked. I wanted to report bugs, but I couldnt because of github. 😑 Please use free Software like where it is easy to create accounts to host your free software!😃
Once I had a discord account and changed my mail to a selfhosted mail and then they wanted to know my mobile number.🤬

Other: Mainly C (not ok), but if the project is important enough to me and they're willing to set up a matrix bridge/ allow me to communicate via a matrix bridge bot I may make an exception.

@yarmo @ChrisWere I would at least encourage a Matrix bridge. I initially had only Matrix channels for Hyperspace Desktop before adding a Discord server with a bridge to keep it in sync. Works fine, and users get the choice on where to go.

@marquiskurt @yarmo @ChrisWere how is it a choice if you are mirror ones discussions to the nonfree platform people have a beef with? Can users of Matrix opt out of the Discord ToS if you are bridging?

@toastal @yarmo @ChrisWere By "choice", I mean choice of software to use. It's also clearly stated in the room's description that the channel is mirrored, so users should know in advance. As far as I am concerned, no one has raised any issues with me regarding this bridge; in fact, more have joined the Discord side of the conversation.

@marquiskurt @yarmo @ChrisWere I'm not saying there isn't a practical or pragmatic approach in doing things, but setting up a mirror IS implicitly causing some user's data to be "leaked" to an untrustworthy party. Perhaps there needs to be small tutorials like "IRC for a Discord user" or "Matrix for a Discord user". Drew DeVault's tutorials for mailing listings and git send-email are invaluable.

@yarmo My reaction? Not going to read your blog post on hating Discord as a "community".

Wellicht kun je iets positievers met je tijd en intelligentie doen...

@frank I wasn't planning on a "hate Discord" blog post, that would indeed not be worth my time. Discord is what it is and serves many people well.

I am planning on questioning certain patterns that many projects employ and how it affects their progress. As someone who would like to see foss play a larger role in society, this I do consider worthy of my time.

@yarmo If I'm really determined, sure... but I would have to be more determined than usual.

@yarmo I mean, it could be worse, you could want me to run Telegram. But it's definitely a mark against.


Note to Self: Hmmm, the Fediverse THINKS they don't like discord. Oh really? I TOTALLY AGREE!! Hahaha!

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