developers, which are you:

A- this project is not on github? No problem, I'll make an account on their server and contribute.

B- this project is not on github? Not worth the effort.

Boosts appreciated, getting data for a blog post :)

@yarmo Generally no problem (I don't host on GitHub myself), but in some cases the instance has registrations closed, meaning you cannot contribute using Pull Requests.

(cough cough git send-email)

@sfr @yarmo
Also it's not necessary an effort issue. There might be any number of reasons someone doesn't want to create an account for a given platform. (or they can't)

If you have contributing guidelines for your project, consider adding methods for contributing via email.

@sfr that's unfortunate when that happens :/ with the regards to the poll, let's say the intention was there on your behalf to try and contribute.

I was going to say that git patches via mail are the best cause the require no registration.

@yarmo Actually I encourage people to not use something else than GitHub. It does make any sense to host floss in a proprietary forge.

I don't consider myself a developer but I have some knowledge and I normally report issues whenever I can.

@jrballesteros05 @yarmo

The wording of the poll would suggest that the blog post might be along those lines. That you can host somewhere else then github and still get contributors

I do see a number of posts on Fosstodon from people that are opposed to github for idalogical reasons, so results could be skewed.

@ejg @jrballesteros05 oh I expect results to be biased due to the audience and I will make note of that.

This is not as good as making multi-platform polls. Still better than "I'm sure that the majority would agree that…"

@yarmo @jrballesteros05 looks like the poll is getting a good number of boosts across different instanceses, so that should help.

@ejg true, glad that is happening. Overall, the fediverse is itself quite anti-establishment so I would the developers on there to also be, no matter the instance.

@jrballesteros05 thanks for your contributions to foss! Issue reporting is very valuable.

Could you elaborate briefly on "it makes sense to…"? What is the main benefit?

@yarmo I made a typo mistake. I meant that people should use something different to GitHub, especially floss forges like Codeberg and Sourcehut.

In my opinion it does not make any sense hosting a project in GitHub because:

1. It's proprietary, if you truly believe in free/libre software that would be enough reason. For companies is ok because they don't give a shit about that so they don't care until they get money.

2. GitHub and Gitlab collect data from users. That's not cool.


C- this project is not on github but on a forge with AGPL'd server software and free javascript client? Count me in.

@yarmo I'm not willing to make more accounts, but I am willing to hunt down the author's email address and send them a patch manually. Is that (A)?

@mikeburns duly noted and will be mentioned!

I want to say A because "you take the effort to do something and not reject contributing on principle" but, well, that's not what's written. Too restricted with the formulation :/

So for fairness, I would suggest not voting.

@yarmo oh hah, I just awoke and didn't have time to piece things together. You were on the receiving end of this! I submitted a bug report for Keyoxide via toot because I didn't want to make an account.

(Thank you for handling that despite me skipping protocol.)

@mikeburns you're welcome and still thanks for the bug report!

I do like a central place for bug reports but I get quite a few outside of the git instance so I can hardly call it "skipping protocol" at this point haha

@yarmo I'm confused. The project is not on GitHub? Why would I put it on GitHub then? Do I own the project?

I have no qualms with using GitHub (well I do, but I haven't gone full FOSS yet, and GitHub at least supports open source even if it's a proprietary product itself) to contribute to a project that is hosted on there.

If the project is hosted elsewhere (etc. GitLab), I'll happily do work over there instead...

@benjaminpaikjones my bad for wording. This is referring to seeing someone else's project.

This poll is not necessarily about an anti-github sentiment. If you see a project not hosted on github and want to contribute, would you?

Sounds like from your last sentence, you would be A :)

@yarmo ohh now I see what you're saying! Okay yep definitely A (although I don't come across that many projects like that)

@benjaminpaikjones sadly very true, which is what I want to write about

@yarmo I actually think the other way around
"this project is not on github? That's great!"

@bunni I definitely agree! It would even make it more likely for me to contribute :)

But that's for a different poll 😅 this one is not about pro- or anti-github sentiment

@yarmo true :bun:
just felt like sharing my sentiment :bun:

@yarmo this project IS on github. I don't have an account and don't want one on githib. Looks like they aren't going to get my contribution 🤷 is that B?

@M0YNG that sounds like a different poll I was planning to do soon 😅 but I like the way you think!

But definitively not B. B is for those who won't contribute outside of github.

@yarmo There is an advantage to projects not on GitHub, unrelated to the ideological standpoints discussed on this thread.

With GH being the de-facto standard for git hosting (especially outside the FOSS bubble), I would assume someone hosting their project on an alternative forge is more capable as a developer, compared to the amount of newbie devs on GitHub.

@sfr well put but despite me hosting a git instance for personal stuff, all my public projects are hosted on @codeberg . I guess that would still put me in the category of "newbie devs who use other people's infrastructure"? Or were you specifically referring to GH?

@yarmo I was specifically referring to GitHub. When JoeRoblox8897 wants to host his new Hello World script, the problem isn't going to be lack of server knowledge. The problem is that he doesn't know what git is.

@yarmo I vividly remember myself naively thinking that "Git is shorthand for GitHub". What a fool I was.

@sfr @yarmo

While I even believe that this assumption is true in some 'lets measure the average skill level' (where big platforms obviously always lose) , I would not apply that mental model to any desicion making.

Let alone confronting any dev with it who happens to be on the unfavorable side of the hosting options.

@ghost_letters @yarmo Of course not: as you said, this is just statistics. My point was that I'm less weary, not that I think the projects will be better.

For the same reason, I think things like Follows, Stars and Watches, on any coding platform, are unneccesary. As with software forges, large projects will naturally attract more and more stars, making them seem more legit in comparison to smaller and newer ones. I will be more cautious with a small project, but I won't ignore it outright.

@yarmo I made a post on my alt account some days ago (

TL;DR: I don't think it's worth the effort if it's not on an instance I'm already on, and I would try to send bug report/patch via email if it's an important one.

@huy_ngo thanks for the link, well put! You're still open to contributing outside github/instances you're not on as long as they accept email patches.

@yarmo I'm A++: "well, this *is* only on github? I feel reluctant but ok..."
@yarmo I'll send them an email with the patch, fuck opening accounts.

@yarmo Sure. I've done that several times and it's not so hard. It's not ideal, but it's better than using GitHub for everything.


I have problem with both of them... If a project is on Github, no way I am contributing, I'd not even report bugs or issues, mainly because I'll not run Github's non free softwares.

If it's on free software platforms like Codeberg, Gitlab.. I might do it but it'd be inconvenient.

My preference would be, mailing lists. For example I should be able to report a bug by sending an email without needing to register anywhere.

@redstarfish makes a lot of sense! I'm really appreciating all the love the mailing lists are getting in this thread


Well, the B-question is why SSO with Github is a thing lol

Also why the ForgeFed folks are working on that project.


@selea @yarmo

There hasn't been a lot of work on #ForgeFed for a while, but there are some great developments nonetheless: #FedeProxy at initiated by @dachary is looking to adopt it, and there's a detailed #Gitea open issue by @cj who has added support for ForgeFed vocab in the #GoFed #ActivityPub libs.


Me is

C- this project is on github? Not worth the effort.

@tagomago TBH I'd answered the survey misreading that as the option B choice.

As such, my response really should have been 'A'.


Mostly A but it depends on the service, really. If I have to learn a whole new thing just to submit a bug report for this one project I don't really even care about all that much, I'm less likely to do so. But if they're just running GitLab, it's no problem. it very strongly depends on the server, for me.

self-hosted gitea? sourcehut (official or selfhosted)? sure, no problem.

gerrit? you better hope i really want to contribute.

gitlab? sourceforge? nah. not happening

@linear @yarmo

At this point, I put all my repos on sourcehut. If a project is on github, I will submit an issue but wont submit code unless it's a major issue for me.

Sourcehut is the ideal selfhosted solution if you dont want your users to be encumbered by making a new account: legit like the easiest possible way to submit a change is git send-email and with sourcehut that just works out of the box

sourcehut works how git is actually supposed to work

@yarmo A, but even better if I can just use git instead of websites and send a patch over email.

@yarmo C - This project is still on github? kinda suspicious at this point but if there's no other way then I'll use it to contribute.

@yarmo I am wondering if it’s a generational thing— I picked “no problem” without hesitation, but I’ve been contributing to free software projects since 1998. Nothing modern will ever be as unpleasant to deal with as CVS was.

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